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Frequently Asked QuestionsFlorida solar panel costs, incentives, and more to save energy bills

Florida solar panel costs, incentives, and more to save energy bills

Here are some tips on how to use solar energy, a renewable resource that residents of the Sunshine State can easily access.

The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly over the past 20 years, making the switch to solar more affordable. Compared to 2000, the price of solar systems has decreased by 69%, according to a Berkeley National Laboratory analysis. Converting to solar power can be a great alternative if you live in Florida and want to lower your energy expenditures and carbon footprint at the same time.
For clients who are unfamiliar with solar energy, some of the factors that determine a solar system’s pricing include the quantity of panels, optional extras like solar batteries, and installation costs. Here is a guide to help you pick the best solution.

Why Are Solar Panels a Must in Florida?

According to ABC Action News, Florida, which ranks third in the US for solar energy installations, has a lot of solar potential. In terms of brand-new solar panel installations, Florida trailed only California in the first half of 2022. In Florida, where it can power more than 1.1 million homes, solar energy is gaining appeal.

With the exception of the power output of the solar equipment you install, the amount of sunlight that strikes your panels directly affects how much electricity you can generate with solar panels in California. The use of solar energy, a sustainable energy source, not only reduces energy prices but also has a significant positive environmental impact.

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According to Saveonenergy, Florida residents frequently pay more for electricity than the rest of the country.As a result, a solar panel installation in California, one of the US’s sunniest states, will probably produce more electricity each year than a similar-sized system built somewhere else, like the Northeast.

Florida Solar Power vs. The Rest of the US

Florida has larger solar panel systems than the rest of the nation, with an average of 10.1 kilowatts. This explains why the cost of solar panels in Florida is frequently higher than it is nationwide. The manufacturer, type of panel, and other factors can affect the pricing as well.

Here is an estimated comparison of Florida’s solar panel prices to those in the rest of the United States, as reported by CNET.


  • System size of 10.1
  • $3.69 per watt
  • Total: $37,281


  • System size of 8.4
  • $3.59 per watt
  • Total: $30,205

Solar Panel Options in Florida

Despite the significant upfront cost, there are financing options for solar panel purchases. According to Ecowatch, the following list of solar energy providers is available in Florida:

  • ADT Solar
  • Momentum Solar
  • Palmetto Solar
  • SunPower Solar
  • Sunrun
  • Solar Source
  • SunVena
  • Goldin Solar
  • Solar Bear
  • Blue Raven Solar
  • Solar-Ray
  • Unicity Solar
  • Momentum Solar
  • May Electric Solar

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