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EntertainmentFeet Finder Review Update 2022 – Is Feet Finder Legitimate?

Feet Finder Review Update 2022 – Is Feet Finder Legitimate?

Today, we are going to discuss Feet Finder Review Update 2022 – Is Feet Finder Legitimate?

On the website FeetFinder, you may buy and sell feet. They have more than a million verified users and are one of the safest websites. There is only one restriction: you must be 18 or older to register. You may buy and sell feet and receive 80% of the sale once you create an account. You may even get paid for recommending customers to FeetFinder. So, is FeetFinder legitimate?

FeetFinder is a legit foot finder

Users can post images and videos of their feet to the reliable foot-finding website FeetFinder. The website is really user-friendly and has a lot of good consumer feedback. FeetFinder offers a simple sign-up process and a monthly membership that protects your privacy. This eliminates the risk of scammers utilising your information because only those you know will be able to see your feet.

Some people have criticised FeetFinder’s influencer marketing plan on social media. Influencers must disclose any tangible connections to a brand. This could be a personal connection to the business or a reward for social media shoutouts. The FTC, however, has lodged charges against businesses that have concealed such links. In one instance, the business omitted information about its financial connection to Sofia Porzio, a photographer better known by her online alias, Sofia Elizabeth.

Additionally, FeetFinder offers a referral programme through which users can earn 10% of their sales. A user’s referral code is automatically entered after they sign up and make their first purchase. If they refer others, they will receive an additional 10% of their sales. FeetFinder offers weekly cash giveaways in addition to its referral programme to reward active sellers.

You can sell images and videos of your feet on FeetFinder’s video marketplace. Additionally, FeetFinder offers a payment system that allows vendors to make up to $20 for each image or video they sell. Additionally, FeetFinder enables sellers to choose the price they want to charge for their content. Some Feetfinder models have received payments of up to $100 for photos and $80 for videos. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, FeetFinder can be a great way to make money online.

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FeetFinder is well-known for being a safe marketplace for buying and selling images of feet. The protection of customers’ personal information is ensured by the verification process. By doing this, you can build trust between your website and potential customers. The site also encrypts all user data and keeps an eye out for bot traffic.

It pays 80% of sales to models

FeetFinder is a PCI-compliant digital marketplace. It allows models of all genders, and the site’s strict security policy prevents users from sharing accounts. The website pays models 80% of their earnings via a secure built-in payment processor. FeetFinder has a 4.8 Trustpilot rating and 800 customer reviews. However, they have had problems with international payments. FeetFinder also has an affiliate programme, which pays users a ten percent commission on any sales involving a model.

Fortify is another option. This site is structured like a social media account, so it is easy to connect with potential buyers. Verify claims to be the most popular foot site in the world. The site also pays 80% of sales to models. Whisper, a separate site that allows anonymous posting, allows users to negotiate with potential buyers and seal deals through the comments section.

FeetFinder offers a referral programme that pays 10% of the sales made by your referrals. This referral programme is easy to sign up for and will provide you with a unique link. FeetFinder will also pay you a commission on the 20% of sales you generate when you refer someone. This programme is an excellent choice for social media influencers, as you can earn a commission by referring others to FeetFinder.

While selling pictures of your feet can be lucrative, it is not a simple task. Some social media platforms prohibit the use of foot pictures, and submitting your photos or videos could lead to a ban. Dollar Feet requires models to submit an application and a sample video before being accepted. Models are encouraged to show their faces in videos, but if they do not feel comfortable with it, the company will send them money within 24 hours.

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It charges a flat 20% commission to sellers

FeetFinder is a private website where people can trade and sell pictures and videos of their feet. FeetFinder makes money by taking a flat 20% commission from each sale, which allows its sellers to keep up to 80% of their sales. Moreover, FeetFinder offers a private messaging feature and lets users set their subscription terms.

To become a member of Feet Finder, you must be at least 18 years old.This helps verify that the sellers are real and not bots. The website also asks for basic information, such as an email address and an ID. Feet Finder also has various categories to choose from, so sellers have no shortage of options.

It offers a referral program

If you are looking for a free website that will help you promote your business with photos, you should look at Feet Finder. This website allows you to post photos, videos, and user profiles of your feet. In addition, Feet Finder has a referral programme that you can participate in.

This referral programme allows you to promote Feet Finder products and services to others. Each referral you refer to Feet Finder will be given a unique referral code. You can share this code with your friends and family, and they will be prompted to enter your referral code when signing up. In addition, you can choose to promote specific foot pictures for sale.

To join the programme, you must be eighteen and upload a photo of a government-issued ID. Once you have verified your identity, you can start earning with Feetfinder. There are also tips and tutorials for new members of the company. New sellers can increase their earnings by upgrading their packages.

FeetFinder has a referral programme that rewards users for referring new members. Those who use their referral link can earn up to $10. Feetfinder takes 20% of the commission for the referral and keeps the rest as a service charge. The referral programme is not yet available on mobile devices, but you can still sign up for it.

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Feetfinder is a subscription-based website. You can choose from a basic or premium membership package. Each package includes different features and billing. Feet Finder is an online marketplace that enables sellers to sell their feet and get paid. The website also allows sellers to list their content and attract new buyers.

Feet Finder’s user interface is very easy to navigate. Once you have signed up, you can choose between selling or buying feet. Make sure you check out the privacy policy before making a purchase. If you are selling, make sure you provide quality photos. It will increase your chances of getting repeat business.

Pros and cons of selling feet pics on FeetFinder:

Following are some of the pros of selling foot photos on FeetFinder:

  • You can make money through subscriptions and by selling your feet album on FeetFinder. No other platform has this option.
  • It is a niche website where you can find people who are interested.
  • You can have more discoverability issues.

Well, there is only one con, and that is that you are being charged 20% of the transaction fee, but whatever platform you want to use to sell feet photos, you will be charged 20%, so I think the platform is ideal for selling feet photos.


Is FeetFinder good to use?

Yes, FeetFinder is a safe and secure service that will pay you (as a verified member) to publish images and videos of your feet.

Is Feet Finder completely anonymous?

FeetFinder is a website where you can sell foot photos securely and discreetly. Feet Sellers have made over $90,000 in 2021 on this site, and you may make money on FeetFinder in two ways: by selling your album of foot images and by running subscriptions. It is easier to register, and you get paid fully anonymously.

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