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What is a salary slip or EXL payslip?  The US city of New York serves as the headquarters for EXL Service. In overseas countries like the United States, Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa, and Australia, it employs more than 31,000 specialists.
EXL Services provides a variety of important services, including banking and financial services, medical care, insurance, and utilities. Additionally, they have begun offering logistics and transportation services. In April 1999 wurde es started. EXL Services was founded by Rohit Kapoor and Vikram Talwar.
Vikram Talwar served as the CEO and vice chairman following the company’s instant creation. Rohit Kapoor serves as vice chairman and CEO at the moment. UK, US, Columbia, Philippines, Bulgaria, South Africa, and Australia are among the countries where EXL Services has offices. Some of the most obvious rivals of the EXL services are Genpact and IMB. Many workers wish to retrieve their online pay stubs from the portal.
EXL was one of three firms offering services, commercial operations, and being listed on the American stock exchange in 2013 EXL Service wants to establish itself as a vital resource for data-driven companies. Superior customer service is offered by EXL Service. It makes analytics very simple to use. EXL services assist businesses in delivering exceptional customer experiences, creating sustainable growth, and maximizing productivity and resilience.
Analytics success and value creation depend on data. The appropriate input enables the business to take on a wider viewpoint, comprehend consumer needs and wants, and most likely predict what the customer will receive in advance. These customer-related facts make it simple to link businesses and customers in ways that are advantageous to both sides.
EXL services take all actions that benefit their clients financially. Their actions are all focused on the end result. Now, the objective is not simply transformation, but also the development of a strong source of income from them, as well as general enjoyment and hard work.
All of the company’s employees have access to EXL Payslip online. Each employee has access to view their paystubs and submit questions. Employees can access a variety of other payroll-related data from this web portal in addition to payslips. Following are some of the details:
  • Full & complete Settlement
  • Relieving / Experience letter
  • Provident Fund/ Gratuity payments
  • Form 16 / Salary Slips
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An automatic acknowledgment email with a ticket number is sent to the employee’s registered email account after the questions have been posted. This web portal is simple for the user to access. The user can use this tag to indicate the progress of their enquiry and to keep track of any future communications with EXL about it. The organization responds to the inquiries in 30 business days.

Opening an account with EXL Services is really a great idea. With a free account now available, the employee may enjoy everything. The employee must use the login credentials that have already been given to them by the employer to access the online portal and create an account. They only need to type their login information to easily access their accounts.
It is quite straightforward and easy to generate a payslip using this internet service. The employee should be carrying both the password and their registered email address. By taking the actions listed below, they can accomplish the same thing:
  • Firstly, the employee has to log in to the official site of EXL Service to check their payroll account. The official site of EXL Service is sts.exlservice.co.
  • After the official page is opened, the employee has to fill in the login credentials. The login credentials in this case are the registered email id and the password.
  • Then they have to click on the Sign In button.
  • After the sign-in button is clicked, the employee enters their payroll account page and can now access their payslip.
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There will be a reset password option provided if the employee loses their password. The employee will receive a mail-in of their personal email account that has been provided to the company or with the provided contact number for changing the password.
The employee just needs to follow the instructions after discovering the message or the associated link to quickly change the password that they have forgotten for whatever reason. Employees are advised to always remember their passwords and never share them with anybody since the EXL Services web portal contains sensitive information about the organization that cannot be revealed.

How can I view and download a quick salary statement?

Follow these procedures to view and download your employees’ fast salary statements:
  1. From your greytHR Admin login, navigate to Payroll > Verify Quick Salary Statement. The Quick Salary Statement page opens.
  2. From the Category dropdown list, select the required category.
  3. From the Employment Status dropdown filter, select the respective status of employees.
  4. From the Employee Filter dropdown list, select the employees type.
  5. Click Export to Excel to download a quick salary statement.

Note: Select the required payroll month before generating the Quick Salary Statement.


In conclusion, it is clear that using an EXL-Payslip to keep track of your income and expenses is a smart idea. It is an excellent tool for anyone seeking for a productive approach to manage their funds because it is user-friendly and simple to use.

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