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EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad for Android TV and PC



EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad for Android TV and PC

The days when playing material on the television required purchasing an Android box and relying on FireTV and Google Chromecast are long gone. Amkette has developed into one of the best pieces of technology in India, replacing all other devices. The EvoFox Game Box 2022, one of the cheapest gaming consoles today, is known as the EvoTV. It comes with a controller and a remote control and doubles as an intelligent TV box.

A complete gaming kit is included with the EvoFox Game Box. The Android smart box that comes with this kit has many games preloaded on it. In case you wish to add other games, it also gives you access to the Google Play store. Additionally, depending on what you want to do on your big screen, you may download whatever app you want, from Netflix to Vimeo.

The job of entering account IDs and passwords remains the only drawback. For frequent use, you might need to install a keyboard.

Information about the EvoFox Game Box

The Game Box contains a dedicated 3D graphics processor, a 64-bit quad-core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 32GB of internal storage. Of course, you may access your network via WiFi, but if your modem is close enough, there is also an RJ45 socket on the back.

Additionally, there are two USB-A connections that can be used for a wireless gamepad or remote control and an HDMI port for connecting to a TV. I would have liked an additional USB port for the gamepad and remote control. The front of the device has a pink LED light, which is a lovely touch and closely resembles a game console.

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Only the sign-in procedure is challenging and time-consuming. The EvoFox Game Box is really simple to use once you log in with your Google account, just like any other Android product. It’s interesting that Google sign-in is optional because many games already have it installed. The game’s interface is quite remarkable; it’s simple to use and doesn’t require any special training.

It comes preinstalled with a number of well-known games, including hit titles like Badlands and Daytona Racing. It features everything, including pressure-sensitive action buttons, a turbo button, and 3D analogue joysticks.

OTT apps are already packed on EvoFox.

All platforms that support the USB dongle can use the EvoFox Elite Ops Wireless Gamepad.

Along with the games, the EvoFox Game Box also has OTT apps like Sony Liv and Hotstar preloaded, and you can use the Kodi programme to access your saved media files. Additionally, you can utilise Bluetooth to set up a soundbar that essentially ups the ante. All of these operate flawlessly.


Which Android gamepad is the best?

These Nacon MG-X Pro gaming controllers for Android are the best. Overall, the best Android controller.

  • Nacon MG-X Pro. Best Android controller overall
  • Gamesir X3. Built-in cooling fan.
  • Razer Kishi. Brand name greatness.
  • Razer Kishi V2. Notable upgrades.
  • Razer Raiju Mobile. A pro controller for serious mobile gamers.
  • SteelSeries Stratus Duo.
  • 8BitDo SN30 Pro.
  • Xbox Series X Controller.

How does the Android gamepad app work?

Once you have a USB OTG adapter, all you need to do is put one end of it into your Android phone and the other end into the USB game controller. The next step is to launch the desired game. You’ll be able to play if the game supports controllers, and the device should be detected.

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