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TechnologyElon Musk’s lawyer: Twitter employees aren’t personally at risk over its liabilities...

Elon Musk’s lawyer: Twitter employees aren’t personally at risk over its liabilities to the FTC

Twitter employees have recently received an email from Elon Musk’s attorney informing them that should the company’s problems worsen, they will not be held personally accountable to the Federal Trade Commission. In the past, there have been discussions about the FTC raising an alarm about Elon Musk’s Twitter due to the way it operates and the numerous internal changes.

The memo made it clear that Musk and Twitter will be held liable for any FTC fines as a corporate entity rather than letting a specific employee or person bear the blame for the company’s existing policies.

Twitter Will Take the Fall-Musk Assures Staff via Lawyer

In an internal email that TechCrunch acquired, Musk’s attorney, Alex Spiro, reportedly addressed the company’s surviving staff and employees on a potential issue with the FTC. In order to reassure the workforce about potential legal action against them, Spiro claims that “Twitter is the only party to that decree, not people who work at Twitter.”

Spiro said in this email that Twitter would be held accountable for any violations or FTC orders, meaning it would bear the blame.

The attorney reassured the team that they wouldn’t need to be concerned about the current risks that were hovering over the business.

Twitter and the FTC Troubles in the Present

However, according to a story by The Verge regarding a Twitter privacy team Slack message, employees working for the firm suffer “personal, professional, and legal risk.” Spiro’s claim that Twitter would bear the blame in the email is contradicted by this.

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Nevertheless, given its current FTC issues with its practises and platform policies, Twitter is currently treading on very thin ice.

Elon Musk and Twitter

When Elon Musk took over as CEO of Twitter on October 27, a new era had already begun. This era was marked by new management and objectives that focused social media’s attention on empowering the masses. The focus of the business is on a new $8 monthly subscription for a portion of its Twitter Blue services as well as the renowned blue checkmark verification for users.

Many people disapproved of Musk’s management style and objectives for the business, and some left the company on their own initiative, while others worried that they might lose their employment at Twitter.

However, Musk’s “power to the people” emphasises free speech, which would change Twitter from what it was before the top billionaire took control of it. However, the company was impacted by these numerous changes in more ways than one might imagine, particularly with regard to how it manages or concentrates on its operations, which are now being raised by the FTC.

There is a threat that puts Musk and Twitter in danger for how they are currently operating, even though there hasn’t been a formal complaint or case from the regulatory body. However, it was made clear to the company’s current staff and employees that nobody would be held personally accountable for this because the company would be held accountable for any potential future charges.

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