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TechnologyElon Musk to relaunch Twitter Blue on November 29

Elon Musk to relaunch Twitter Blue on November 29

Twitter got off to a rocky start under Elon Musk’s leadership, especially with its new authentication mechanism under “Twitter Blue,” which had a number of bugs and issues in its early days. Elon Musk then disclosed to the public that the service will be relaunched on November 29 and that it will strive to provide a streamlined experience for everyone who needs the blue checkmark.

One of the main issues with Twitter’s verification right now is that nearly anyone can receive it, even if their accounts are parodies or impersonations of well-known people.

Twitter Blue Verified to Relaunch by Nov. 29 Says Musk

Elon Musk just tweeted about the Twitter Blue Verified service, stating that it will shortly be relaunched and moved to later this month, by November 29. Given the numerous issues the industry has had with false accounts and other issues, the tech CEO wants to make things clear and operate properly for the general public to enjoy.
As parodies and impersonations became widely popular, Twitter’s Blue Verified programme ran into enormous difficulties. Users could verify their profiles by paying an $8 monthly membership, but this was not without its challenges.

Musk wants to make Twitter’s Blue Verified experience “rock stable” with the upcoming upgrade so that it won’t have the same issues as before.

Twitter is Removing Verification for Unpaid Subs

While Chief Twit stated that they would be removing all unpaid verifications in the upcoming months, Musk also addressed the issues with the historical blue checkmarks.

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Furthermore, since the corporation will forbid impersonations on its platform, it will be easier to distinguish between verified accounts that are authentic and those that are not.

Elon Musk’s Famed Twitter Verification

With the blue checkmark verification now requiring a subscription to obtain, Musk focused on the promise of a Twitter that users will be able to influence and experience. The platform’s authentication of users’ identities will now cost $8 per month, whereas the blue checkmark was previously a free function provided by the corporation.
The blue checkmark is the sole way to distinguish a verified account from a fraudulent one on Twitter, where practically anyone can replicate an account and make it appear authentic.

However, a tremendous surge of impersonators, parodies, and phoney accounts that had been verified appeared, making it difficult to distinguish real people from anonymous impersonators. According to a new regulation, Musk and the firm will permanently deactivate accounts that use Twitter to impersonate various people.

Musk plans to relaunch the verification service later this month to fix everything and ensure its legitimacy in light of the numerous issues, chaotic experience, and new Twitter policies. Users would currently have to wait to receive their verification back, which could be too long for individuals looking to launch their brands or products under their genuine profiles.

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