TechnologyElon Musk says Instagram makes people depressed and Twitter makes them angry

Elon Musk says Instagram makes people depressed and Twitter makes them angry

When Elon Musk asked which social networking platform was superior today on Twitter, he brought up the Instagram app, which is owned by Meta. The CEO compared Instagram and Twitter and mentioned two detrimental repercussions of utilising the platforms, in addition to the fact that the term “social media” has a bad connotation for those who use the apps.

Alongside this, there were discussions about modifying Twitter’s algorithm, which the company’s CEO mentioned doing before the year ended in 2022.

Twitter vs. Instagram: Elon Musk Cites ‘Depression’ on Meta App

In a tweet earlier today, Chief Twit addressed the “Twitter vs. Instagram” controversy and listed a number of drawbacks for both services’ users. He stated that Twitter is a medium that makes people angry, but Instagram, on the other hand, “makes them depressed.”
The CEO then polled the populace to determine which platform was superior in light of the benefits users receive from using it.

Since it was asked on the short-word social media platform, it may be argued that there is prejudice; there have been many claims that Twitter is superior to Instagram. As a result, these claims may not be based on official polls or results.

Twitter, according to one user, is superior since there are no filters and users are free to express themselves.

Twitter Algorithm is Better than Before

One commenter requested that Musk alter the Twitter algorithm to prioritise “equal amounts of positive postings” rather than favouring dramatic or negative content online. The top billionaire, however, claimed that Twitter’s present experience has already undergone adjustments and that, because of its algorithm, it “should already seem better than the past.”

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Elon Musk and Twitter

There was one notable update to the site in the spirit of Twitter’s algorithm enhancement for the new year, concentrating on a better feed for users that is somewhat akin to a familiar experience. Similar to TikTok’s “For You” page, it is currently available by default to iOS users first and will soon be available on other platforms and devices.

The tech CEO also asserted that the platform will reinstate a previously prohibited feature, focusing on the political advertisements that have been absent since 2019. The change from the prior global ban on these advertisements is that any contentious figures will not be covered by this amendment to the policy.

Twitter made changes to subscriptions, blue check verifications, and many other things, which received conflicting responses from the public and led to some users leaving social media. Musk’s takeover of Twitter resulted in a number of modifications, which he argues are infuriating users but that make Twitter superior to Instagram and other platforms.

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