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Elon Musk locks down Twitter to test a viral hack to gain visibility—and gets mowed down by users.

Elon Musk has been experimenting with a viral hack for several hours to figure out what is wrong with Twitter, especially in light of allegations that making a Twitter account private would increase its visibility. Ian Miles Cheong claimed that after making his account private, he got 20 new followers and saw significant increases in his reach factor.

Mr. Tweet is now receiving critical remarks and mockery from various members of the public, who claim that he has no idea what he is doing, instead of users taking this seriously.

Elon Musk Locks his Twitter Account to Test a Viral Hack

To increase his online prominence, Chief Twit decided to test out a user-discovered viral hack, which involves making one’s Twitter account private. He made the announcement online, claiming that he did it in order to monitor social media and see whether this was taking place there.
The IT CEO wants to know if changing the privacy setting on his Twitter account will affect how visible his profile is. At the moment, his account is private.

This information was gleaned from an influencer’s post, in which Cheong asserted that his time in a secret account and his public status differed significantly.

Chief Twit gets Mocked by Users in Search of the Truth

Musk now finds himself the target of ridicule on Twitter after the CEO tested this hack, losing the public’s support in his search for the source of the issue.

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One commenter referred to this as a “middle school experiment,” calling Elon Musk a fool for firing engineers who “might have maybe explained it to him,” in reference to the algorithm.
All joking aside, Mr. Tweet is taking this seriously when he claims that there is a problem with the platform.

Twitter Algorithm and Musk

When Musk was still considering buying Twitter in early 2022, there were discussions about the algorithm.He promised to fix the issue once he takes over as CEO. The platform has “de facto bias,” the IT CEO claimed, and he asked the public if they preferred an open-source solution.

Following the acquisition, Chief Twit has been ranting online about how he was entrusted with changing Twitter’s algorithm and restoring it to its previous grandeur.

He added that the site no longer had a “fair algorithm,” which is what prompted him to fire Rumman Chowdhury, Twitter’s ML Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability Director (META).
The new Twitter CEO appears to have a lot to learn about the service, particularly from its staff members and engineers, who are already familiar with social media.

He must still make his own discoveries, notably on this algorithmic preference favouring private accounts.

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