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TechnologyElon Musk launches 'Stay @Work' merchandise a day after finding 'Stay Woke'...

Elon Musk launches ‘Stay @Work’ merchandise a day after finding ‘Stay Woke’ t-shirts at Twitter

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, tweeted a picture of what he dubbed “new Twitter merch,” a twist on the aforementioned statement hashtag, a day after he displayed a wardrobe full of #STAYWOKE t-shirts at the platform’s offices.

The billionaire posted a video on Wednesday, Nov. 23, in which it looks like he is making fun of the statement t-shirts created by members of Twitter’s internal business group for black employees. Elon Musk’s caption includes two hard laugh emojis and reads, “Found in closet at Twitter HQ, fr.”
Following that, the CEO of Twitter slammed Black Lives Matter protesters, saying the clothing he was wearing in the video was from demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri. In addition, he pointed out how wrong the protests that were held in that area actually were.
The expression “Hands up, don’t shoot” was invented, according to Musk. According to reports, Musk later removed that post and instead published a link to the Department of Justice’s investigation into Michael Brown’s killing, which spurred those demonstrations.

New Twitter Merch

The Chief Twit ridiculed the design and unveiled a new “Stay at Work” shirt, obviously taking a shot at the “stay woke” t-shirts. Amazing new Twitter merchandise! Musk wrote the image’s caption.
Fox News claims that the new design, which might just be a joke, is a reference to Musk’s alteration of Twitter’s work policy. After gaining control of the platform, Musk ended employees’ ability to work remotely.

The social media network declared in May 2020 that employees might work remotely for as long as they wish since the work-from-home policy proved successful during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Stay at Work

During his early days as Twitter’s CEO, Musk was eager to alter workplace regulations. In fact, his first email to Twitter employees addressed the elimination of the WFH policy.

The internet CEO wrote in the email that there is “no way to sugar coat the news” and that the economy would surely have an impact on Twitter and other ad-dependent businesses.

According to the email, Musk will stop allowing remote work and mandate that staff members put in at least 40 hours a week at the office. According to numerous accounts, he would have to personally approve any exclusions.
Supporters laughed at the CEO’s playful tweet, but others pointed out the “meme’s” issues, and several voiced worries about free expression in the Bird app.

Amnesty on Suspended Accounts

A poll on “universal amnesty” for previously suspended users was published, and Elon Musk suggested that more suspended accounts might rejoin the platform in related news.

Ye, a famous media figure best known for losing his former account owing to his provocative views, already received his account back earlier this month. It is also important to note that former US President Trump, who blatantly rejected the invitation, was also supported in a survey to bring him back.

Ye and Trump regained access to their platforms thanks to Musk’s leadership, and additional suspended accounts will also reopen.

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