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Frequently Asked QuestionsEight Simple Solutions to Spotify Playback Problems

Eight Simple Solutions to Spotify Playback Problems

Today, we are going to discuss Eight simple solutions to Spotify playback problems, Spotify app, Spotify Website.

Today’s top music streaming app, Spotify, offers a wide range of functions. It makes a number of mistakes, like halting Spotify, not responding to requests, and not playing the currently playing song.

There is currently a new problem. specifically, the warning that says “Spotify can’t play this right now.” The web player does not allow many users to play songs, as they have stated. It’s possible that some users won’t be able to listen to the app’s current track. Some people might not be able to listen to the whole album or all the tracks. “Spotify can’t play this right now” is the most typical error message.

Determine the reason Spotify won’t play your music.

For a variety of reasons, Spotify Website might not play the song you requested. These elements may also make it so slow that you become irritated. Perhaps you should even cancel your subscription.

You can import a track onto the computer from your local drive. You can send your friends a link to it. Your friend will notice, on the other hand, that the app is unable to play the current song because it is not available in his area.

A similar error message stating that Spotify app cannot play this at this time will appear when you attempt to play music that isn’t available in your area. Due to copyright issues, some of the music might not be playable in certain locations.

Songs may stop playing if the web player isn’t operating properly. Therefore, it’s useful to check to see if the web player is unavailable.

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I could only play a single song five times after six months of using the free subscription. When I finally had enough of it, I learned that Spotify was unable to play the music at the time.

Your account settings could have made a mistake that caused the error: Currently, Spotify is unable to play this.

Strategies For “Spotify Can’t Play This Right Now” Fixing

It is suggested that you restart your computer before undertaking the subsequent troubleshooting procedures. Occasionally, a restart of your computer might solve a number of problems. You can attempt the options indicated below if this approach doesn’t work.

1. Clear the local Spotify file cache.

To fix the “Spotify can’t play this right now” problem, try deleting the local cache files on Spotify. The guidelines to adhere to are as follows:

Users of Windows

  • Offset Spotify. Enter “percent AppData percent” in the search field after opening AppData.
  • To erase data, open the AppData folder in percentages.
  • Go to Users > XYZ on Spotify (XYZ is your Spotify account.)
  • Launch the Spotify folder.
  • Get rid of the local files.
  • on your computer’s bnk file.
  • Get rid of the local files.
  • file bnk
  • Apple users
  • Disconnect from Spotify and remove the local files.
  • bnk file from user “your Spotify username” in library/application support/spotify/users.

2. Disable hardware acceleration in the Spotify app.

Hardware acceleration makes it possible for desktop apps to operate more swiftly and smoothly. Your fundamental hardware parameters can be modified with the Spotify Hardware Acceleration function. Additionally, hardware acceleration adapts them to the needs of the software.

It’s better to turn it off because doing so can lower the quality of your streaming and result in errors like “Spotify can’t play this right now.”

Follow these procedures to disable hardware acceleration:

  • On your computer, launch the software and select the Settings page.
  • Navigate to the Spotify settings page.
  • Choose “Show Advanced Settings” from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the Settings page. Extra-advanced Spotify app settings
  • Uncheck the “hardware acceleration” box under the Compatibility option.
  • Turning off hardware acceleration
  • Relaunch the app.
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3. Modify the settings for “High-Quality Music Streaming.”

Let’s say you recently changed your membership from Premium to Free and canceled your subscription. Because high-quality music streaming is not possible with a free membership, you should change your streaming quality setting in that situation.

The steps below can be used to change the Spotify software’s audio quality setting:

  • On your PC, launch the app.
  • By clicking on your name in the top-right menu, choose “Settings.”
  • Change the “Streaming Quality” to “Automatic” or something else in the “Music Quality” area, but don’t forget to reduce it. Open Spotify and change the audio preferences.
  • alter the streaming music’s quality.
  • Relaunch the Spotify program.
  • See if the problem has been resolved after restarting the Spotify app.
  • Modify Android’s Spotify streaming quality.
  • Open the app on your Android device.
  • Choose “Music Quality” from the drop-down menu under “Settings” when you are there.
  • Exit the app after selecting “Automatic” under Streaming.
  • To check if the problem has been resolved, restart the Spotify application.

4. Display any playlists or songs that aren’t available.

when customers download music to their local drive before removing it from Spotify’s database, The music is still there in your Spotify playlist but is inaccessible. You must thus decide which songs are prohibited from being played. It can also result in the error message “Spotify can’t play this right now.”

  • On a desktop, go to Spotify settings.
  • The Display Options section’s Show unavailable songs in the playlist option is accessible.
  • Check to verify if Spotify can now play; this error is no longer present.

5. Relaunch Spotify.

This is the simplest and most basic fix if Spotify isn’t working properly for you when playing music. Sometimes the Spotify app may freeze, or there may be a bug causing this issue, which may be fixed by restarting the programme.

  • Go to File and Quit Spotify on Windows to end and restart your app.
  • For Mac users, the software can be closed by selecting Quit Spotify from the menu.
  • Continuing your computer might work if restarting your program doesn’t.
  • Whether there is an available update, you can try removing it or updating the programme on your Android or iPhone to see if the problem has been fixed.
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6. Set the crossfading value to zero.

The cutting-edge feature of Spotify is crossfading music. In the event that your songs aren’t currently available, you can change the crossfading setting.

  • Go to Settings > Advanced Settings on the desktop app.
  • Crossfade songs should be enabled. Change the value from 5 to 0 seconds in the Playback item.
  • Playing crossfading music
  • Changing the Playback Speaker
  • Another solution to Spotify songs not playing on your laptop or desktop is to change the playback device to another device.
  • From the context menu of the taskbar’s volume icon, choose Playback Devices.
  • In the playing tab, choose a different speaker to serve as the default.
  • Open the app again and attempt to play the music that was previously inaccessible.
  • Spotify should be upgraded.
  • You could be left with no alternative but to delete the programme if you’ve tried everything else and still can’t get it to function properly. Install Spotify’s most recent version after that. Before reinstalling Spotify, shut it down and delete all the song files under your username.
  • To remove the Spotify app


I recognize that you might be inclined to delete the app if you’re annoyed. The problem can be solved using a variety of straightforward-to-implement strategies. It’s important to understand Spotify’s position on local concerns.

The error message “Spotify can’t play this right now, file on your computer” is rare on Spotify. The aforementioned techniques all assist in correcting problems like these.

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