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GamingDr Disrespect reveals DEADROP , his shooter to compete with Call of...

Dr Disrespect reveals DEADROP , his shooter to compete with Call of Duty

The gameplay of the project divided the opinion of the players.

Dr Disrespect wants to return to game development after leaving Sledgehammer Games and Call of Duty several years ago. For this he founded Midnight Society, a new study to create an AAA together with former Halo creators and the aforementioned Activision saga.

After some controversy and criticism, the YouTuber finally revealed the first preview of his project: DEADROP, a multiplayer shooter that seeks to compete against the most successful proposals in the genre. The gameplay of the title divided the opinion of the community, as some players believe that Dr Disrespect is on the right track, while others think that the project does not look good.


Dr Disrespect describes DEADROP as a vertical extraction shooter that will usher in a new era for competitive multiplayer. The title will take place in a complicated context, after various climatic wars with serious consequences.

Humans have built mega structures called Refiner States, which serve to extract toxins from the stratosphere. They also function as autonomous cities that export Space Dust, a concentrate of refined pollutants.

This resource will cause internal conflicts, as various factions made up of the Skins and Syns will fight for control of the buildings and the dust. Midnight Society released a demo of the shooter where players can try out various weapons in 3 firing zones.

The gameplay has satisfied some players, who believe that the project has the potential to offer something truly different from other franchises. However, there are also people who think that it is more of the same and that it has a lower quality than games that it will supposedly surpass.

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Midnight Society made it clear that this is a preliminary version that will improve over time and that for now it does not represent the final product or all its mechanics. 

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