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Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes green flame blade consume the weapon?

Does green flame blade consume the weapon?

The only mechanical uses of the the fiery blade are its unique action (make a melee spell attack, deal 3d6 fire damage on hit), and its ability to shed light. Since you can’t make a melee weapon attack with it, it isn’t a weapon, and thus can’t be used in conjuction with Green-Flame Blade.

Can you use booming blade with green flame blade?

The question is – can I cast Booming Blade or Green Flame Blade twice with my attack action? No. You can replace one of your attacks from the Attack action with a cantrip.

Does green flame blade count as attack action?

Yes. Because of the wordings Green Flame Blade can be seen as: two different actions in one action slot, a spell causing a melee attack in the same action, or a bonus bonus action of sorts. Only the second one would mean that the action could be readied.

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Can you crit on green flame Blade?

This damage is not affected by the critical hit. The same goes for Green Flame Blade, which deals fire damage equal to your spellcasting modifier to a secondary target. Critical Hits do not affect the secondary target damage.

Does green flame Blade damage target?

Green-Flame Blade does what it says it does. On a hit, the target suffers the weapon attack’s normal effects, and you can cause green fire to leap from the target to a different creature of your choice that you can see within 5 feet of it.

Does booming blades damage weapons?

Arcane Tricksters can cast Booming Blade in melee range to deal normal weapon damage before using a bonus action to Disengage and escape.

Is Green Flame blade fire damage?

Green-Flame Blade deals weapon damage to target within 5 feet from you, and then deals fire damage to another creature within 5 feet of that first target.

Can you smite on green flame Blade?

Since you make a regular melee attack as part of the Greenflame Blade Cantrip, does this mean you can use eldritch smite on it? Yes. Eldritch Smite triggers when you hit a creature with a weapon. Green-flame blade lets you make an attack with a weapon.

Whats better booming Blade or green flame Blade?

Very little changes when you move to 2 targets. Green-Flame Blade can no do as much damage as Booming Blade, but it falls into the same narrow lead that Booming Blade had over straight weapon attacks.

Does green flame Blade stack with weapon damage?

With that said, using Green-Flame Blade for every attack ends up netting a lot of + damage each melee swing: +3 damage from strength mod. +2 damage from Dueling fighter style. This adds up to a net total of +9 damage to every attack, giving an attack range of 10-17 with a 1d8 longsword.

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Does booming blade trigger sneak attack?

Yes. Green-Flame Blade and Booming Blade are spells that, as part of their effects, have the caster make an attack with a melee weapon.

Can you booming blade and Multiattack?

Booming Blade doesn’t work with Extra Attacks/Multi-Attacks. To compensate this Booming Blade does add a damage die every few levels. Meaning you won’t be doing double damage at all.

What does green flame blade do?

Green-flame blade adds your spellcasting ability modifier to the second-target damage (so most likely 1d8+4 at 5th level) and booming blade does an extra 1d8 (scaling normally; 2d8 to 5th level) if the target moves within one round.

What happens if you crit with booming blade?

Is the 2ndary damage caused by Booming Blade doubled on a critical as well or only the initial damage? It will double the weapon dice and thunder damage of the initial hit. Damage from moving will be normal.

Does booming blade damage crit?

Yes. The attacks state that the weapon attack deals an additional 1d8 at level 5, with that additional damage increasing by 1d8 at 11th and 18th. It is the same as the additional damage from Hex or Hunters mark, and the dice are doubled on a crit.

Is green flame blade permanent?

Green flame blade doesn’t have a duration of 1 round. It is Instantaneous. The spell has you make one attack, which gets extra damage.

Does green flame blade have to bounce?

No, you don’t have to cause the green fire to leap to another creature, as of the 2020 errata. The green-flame blade cantrip was updated when it was reprinted in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything (p. 107), and the version in the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide (p. 143) received errata to match.

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Does green flame blade require a second target?

The material component of both spells now requires a melee weapon worth at least one silver piece. The player now has the option of making Green-Flame Blade’s fire leap to a second target (it’s no longer mandatory).

Can I cast booming Blade as a bonus action?

Booming Blade is a great cantrip for anyone who can add damage onto a single attack, can cast it as a bonus action (Quickened Spell metamagic) or reaction (Warcaster feat), or has enhanced mobility to skirmish (e.g. the Mobile feat).

Can you throw 2 handed weapons 5e?

Thrown. If the weapon has the thrown property, you can throw the weapon at a target to make a ranged attack. Versatile. This weapon can be used with one or two hands. …

Can you twin spell booming Blade?

Yes, Booming Blade can be twinned, because a range of Self is not the same thing as a range of Self (5-foot radius) When a spell has a range of “Self”, it definitionally targets the caster themselves, and no one else.

Does green flame blade work with thunder gauntlets?

Properties of the base armor are not transferred over – From a game mechanics perspective Thunder Gauntlets are considered separate items from the Arcane Armor and since no such item exists in the PHB the cost is undefined therefore unsuitable for the cantrips Booming Blade and Green Flame Blade.


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