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Frequently Asked QuestionsDo bearded dragons like stuffed animals?

Do bearded dragons like stuffed animals?

While it may seem unusual, some reptiles enjoy having a soft stuffed animal in their enclosure, and they will happily snuggle up to it. What is this? Bearded dragons don’t get to experience soft textures in the wild very often, so a stuffed animal is a treat for them.

Do Beardies play with toys?

Most toys keep your Bearded dragon happy by prompting them to run around or engage in other physical activities. However, some toys are designed to help your bearded friend to relax.

Should I mist bearded dragon?

It’s not only important to amp up misting in times of shedding, but also in the wintertime. Remember, the air can be extremely dry during the coldest months of the year. When it’s cold outside, make a point to mist your bearded dragon — and the interior of his enclosure — a few times per week.

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How often should you take your bearded dragon out of its cage?

They don’t love changes to their environment, so if it doesn’t happen regularly, they may reject it. Try and get your bearded dragon out at least once a week for thirty minutes to an hour, that way it is part of their schedule and they will get used to it.

Do bearded dragons get lonely?

They don’t need to form bonds because they are so well adapted for survival alone. So the answer to this question, in short, is “absolutely not.” Your bearded dragon isn’t lonely, and totally loves being the center of your attention, and his heat lamp.

Why do bearded dragons puff up?

Although both male and female bearded dragons may puff up to the opposite sex, it’s more commonly the male who displays this behavior to attract the female and let her know he’s ready to mate. By puffing up, the male also shows the female that he’s dominant and is making his intentions very clear.

Do Beardies like ping pong balls?

Golf or ping pong balls can be suitable (choose light ones). Your bearded dragon is likely to push the balls and roll them around the tank. But the most interesting reaction will be with the balls that contain insects, for sure.

Do bearded dragons like blankets?

Bearded dragons love using blankets, but they don’t get much from wrapping in bedding alone. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures, meaning they cannot generate heat. Covering your bearded dragon with a blanket for too long can actually make it colder rather than warmer.

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Do bearded dragons like to cuddle?

Bearded Dragons, or “Beardies” as some like to call them, aren’t lazy pets. It’s just that they are known to enjoy cuddling up with their owners while they watch TV. Another reason that Beardies have become an increasingly popular pet is because of the common (mis)conception that they are easy to take care of.

How often should I bathe my beardie?

How often should you give your bearded dragon a bath? Bearded dragons should be given a 10-20 minute bath in warm, clean water 3 times per week. Additional baths should also be given any time they become visibly dirty. Shedding bearded dragons should be bathed 4-5 times per week.

Can you turn a bearded dragon heat lamp off at night?

But at nighttime it’s a different story. Your vivarium should mimic the natural heat and light pattern of your bearded dragon’s natural environment, and since the temperature in the outback drops after dark, your bearded dragon needs a cooler temperature at night. This means you can turn off your heat lamp at night.

Why do bearded dragons flatten out?

When a beardie thinks he’s in danger, he will instinctively flatten out his stomach and display it. This posture makes him appear larger and stronger than he actually is. Stomach flattening is done in order to avoid conflict rather than to invite it.

Why does my beardie close his eyes when I pet him?

Bearded dragons close their eyes when stroked as a sign of discomfort. While many animals close their eyes as a sign of trust and pleasure, for these reptiles, it’s a sign they know they can’t escape you, but they want you to stop and go away for the moment.

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Do bearded dragons get attached to their owners?

Yes, bearded dragons do love their owners. In fact, bearded dragons become attached to their owners similar to a dog or cat. Bearded dragons have been proven to be able to recognize their owners voice & scent and will likely be more comfortable will them over strangers.

How do I know if my bearded dragon wants to be held?

When she wants to be held, she’ll often crawl right into our hands and sit there quietly. It’s a huge and very noticeable difference! Your dragon will have their own signs that tell you what they like and don’t like. Some may try to get out of your hands.

What does it mean when your bearded dragon falls asleep on you?

They trust you and see you as non-threatening Naturally, bearded dragons in the wild are alert and have their eyes open for predators. Therefore, when they’re willing to close their eyes and lay on or against you, they see you as safe and trustworthy.

What does it mean when a bearded dragon lifts its tail?

So what does it mean when a bearded dragon sticks its tail up? As a general rule, bearded dragons stick their tails up when they are excited and alert. Bearded dragons will stick their tails up when they are hunting, exploring, showing their dominance, keeping their tails dry, or when they know it is feeding time.


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