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Frequently Asked QuestionsDid Jon Heder do his own skating in Blades of Glory?

Did Jon Heder do his own skating in Blades of Glory?

Actors Jon Heder and Will Ferrell both learned how to ice skate for this movie. They trained extensively with Michelle Kwan’s coach, Sarah Kawahara.

Is Blades of Glory a true story?

John Rosengren is an award-winning journalist and author. He has written five other books, including Blades of Glory: The True Story of a Young Team Bred to Win. His articles have appeared in more than a hundred publications, ranging from Sports Illustrated to Reader’s Digest.

Was Blades of Glory actually filmed in Montreal?

Blades of Glory This hilarious movie starring Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Amy Poehler and Will Arnett actually includes several shots from Montreal, Quebec! These include Habitat 67, a model community and housing complex in Montreal. The film also uses the exterior of the Montreal Olympic Stadium throughout production.

Is Jon Heder a twin?

Jon Heder and Dan Heder The Napoleon Dynamite star and his identical twin brother were born in 1977.

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Is there a Blades of Glory 2?

“Blades of Glory” is one of those classic sports movies that you can watch over and over again and still laugh every single time. There wasn’t a sequel for the film, though, and we may never see Chazz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy return to the big screen.

Is Blades of Glory based on cutting edge?

If The Cutting Edge is cinema’s ode to the skill and grace of figure skating, Blades of Glory the story of two disgraced rivals who team up, is a tribute to the sport’s inherent absurdity.

What’s the move in Blades of Glory?

The “Iron Lotus” is a fictional move from the 2007 skating satire Blades of Glory. In the comedy, skaters Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) team up after their solo careers are derailed.

Did they use stunt doubles in Blades of Glory?

Akop Manoukian served as Will Ferrell’s stunt double for the figure skating comedy “Blades of Glory.” Aidas Reklys earned the title of Lithuanian figure skating champion eight times.

Can Will Arnett ice skate?

All of them really have to appear to be Olympic level or national champion skaters. They all actually became pretty good ice skaters. Will Arnett (who is) Canadian is the only one who actually was a really good skater when we started. The rest pretty much had to learn from almost scratch and Will became even better.

Is Will Ferrell really skate in Blades of Glory?

The actor, who hadn’t skated before his new movie, “Blades of Glory,” shows Meredith a trick on the Rockefeller Skating Rink. But when the subject of ice skating came up in connection with his new movie, Ferrell had to admit to producers he had never donned blades before. …

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Where did they film Blades of Glory?

Blades of Glory was filmed in Los Angeles & Denver in the United States of America and Montreal in Canada.

Who is Jon Heder married to?

Personal life. Heder has been married to Kirsten Bales since 2002, having met her while attending Brigham Young University. They are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and have four children.

Where is Jon Heder now?

Jon has voiced characters in the shows Pickle and Peanut, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, and Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters. He was also in the action comedy movie Tremors: Shrieker Island in 2020, and he worked with Mark Hamill on the animated TV movie Relatively Super.

Is Jon Heder in Heartland?

10. Jon Heder. Career highlights: Starred in “Napoleon Dynamite” (2004) and “Blades of Glory” (2007). At Heartland: Portrays the manager of an old-school bowling alley in “When Jeff Tried to Save the World.”

Is Blades of Glory a good movie?

July 24, 2020 | Rating: 3.5/5 | Full Review… This isn’t one of the best comedies of 2007, but it still has a lot more laughs than most of the pack, making it well worth your time. No guts and no glory, and not much in the way of comedy, either.

What’s colder than dry ice Blades of Glory?

Chazz : She’s as cold as the ice she skates on. She’s like dry ice. No, wait! She’s colder than that.

Can Will Ferrell really play the flute?

When Ron Burgundy breaks out his jazz flute and starts playing in a bar to impress Veronica, Will Ferrell is actually playing the flute. He learned how to play the instrument in elementary school and he’s kept it up ever since, so he can actually play the flute that well.

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