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CelebrityDhar Mann Cast, Facts, Net worth Check Out The Dhar Mann Actors...

Dhar Mann Cast, Facts, Net worth Check Out The Dhar Mann Actors Name!

Today, we are going to discuss Dhar Mann Cast, Facts, Net worth Check Out The Dhar Mann Actors Name!

Dhar Mann is a successful American businessman and film producer. His video production company, Dhar Mann Studios, is most known for producing short films for social media sites like YouTube. Recently, Dhar Mann Cast has been the most popular search term. To learn more about the Dhar Mann Cast, continue reading the article below.

Who Is Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann (born May 29, 1984) is an American businessman and film producer. The short films that his video production company, Dhar Mann Studios, creates are best renowned for being posted on social media platforms like YouTube. These family-friendly films usually feature a twist of fate that teaches the protagonist a valuable lesson. Stockbroker Derek Peterson and Mann created the weGrow store, which sold hydroponic equipment for producing medical marijuana in 2010. Their business endeavours garnered a lot of media interest. WeGrow was shut down two years later as a result of legal disagreements between the business partners. While running his real estate company, MannEdge Properties, in 2013, Mann was accused of defrauding Oakland, California.

Cast Dhar Mann

Cast Character
Dhar Mann Sellf
Katherine Norland Mom
Riki Yvette Westmoreland Mother
Colin A. Borden Dad
Shauntè Massard Mother
Vinn Sander Friend/Boyfriend
Mair Mulroney Girlfriend/Room mate
Carl Judie Homeless Man
Ayden Mekus Son
Sofia Chicorelli Serna Daughter
Jovanna Vidal Mom/Girlfriend
Brianni Walker Daughter
Chas Laughlin Chad/Employee/Room mate
Elizabeth Lamboy-Wilson Grandmother
Nick Sarando Boss
Ohdarnette Im Cuatomer No 4
Carlos R. Chavez Boyfriend/ Friend/Employee
Angelee Vera Daughter
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Dhar Mann Net Worth

How much money is Dhar Mann worth? More than $150 million is thought to be in Dhar Mann’s net worth.

Additionally, he receives a generous payment each month that is thought to be worth around $3 million. He has enough assets to maintain a respectable standard of living.

Dhar Mann House

The businessman owns a penthouse in Los Angeles and a 9300-square-foot estate in Calabasas.

Speaking of his 9300 square foot estate in Calabasas, he purchased it from Khole Kardashian. The mansion was bought by Mann and Laura G for $15.5 million. The house will appear to be no less than a palace at first glance.

The couple expressed their happiness at owning the property on their social media pages.

On their individual YouTube channels, the pair post a vlog about their home. Consider watching the video:

Income Source

Regarding his sources of income and dependence on wealth, he mostly makes money from his content creation company, Dhar Mann Studios, real estate, and his cosmetics business, LiveGlam, among other things.

In 2015, he introduced the cosmetic line LiveGlam. He was able to increase LiveGlam’s revenue from $600 to $8 million in its first year thanks to his perseverance and hard work. LiveGlam’s revenue now shows a $20 million yearly income after two years. He receives a respectable salary as the company’s founder from LiveGlam’s earnings.

Dhar Mann Studios is the umbrella organisation for all of Dhar Mann’s inspirational and motivating programming. Mann makes money in the content business through sponsorship, advertising, and other sources.
When he was still in college, Dhar Mann used to work in the real estate mortgage industry. The real estate business used to be his main source of income, and it used to pay him a good salary.

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Dhar Mann’s actors

Dhar Mann acting on his own

Dharminder Mann was born on May 29, 1984, to Surinder Mann and Baljit Singh Mann, who had emigrated from India to the US. The Manns have owned and run several local real estate companies since 1980. They also own Friendly Cab, a taxi company with offices in Oakland, California. As a child, Mann recalls sharing a one-bedroom apartment in the Bay Area with three other families. Due to their hectic schedules managing their business, his parents didn’t “give me their time, they gave me money to do things.”

Katherine Norland, mother

Katherine Norland is an actress, poet, and director who lives in Los Angeles, California. She co-starred in the 2005 “Malcolm in the Middle” episode “Of Mrs. Tri-County. In the 2007 film “Chicago Massacre: Richard Speck,” she shared the screen with Corin Nemec. She portrayed the primary character in the drama “Free to a Good Home” in 2004. She appeared in “Reality Terror Night” with Martin Kove in 2010. She played the lead in Stephen Petree’s 2009 music video “Memory Lane,” for which he received a Grammy nomination, and she played a supporting role in Nick Carter’s 2009 Backstreet Boys movie “The Pendant.” For her starring role in “On The Fringe,” she was nominated for a 168 Hour Film Festival Best Actress Award in 2006.

Carlos R. Chavez, as a business partner, friend, or employee

Carlos R. Chavez, a Peruvian native, started performing at a young age. Carlos travelled to Los Angeles after completing his education, where he obtained an Associates of Fine Arts in Acting for Film and later attended classes given by Yale graduate Gregory Berger-Sobeck. In the 2019 BroadwayWorld Regional Awards, Carlos was nominated for best actor for his performance in “Telenovela,” and in the 2022 Valley Theater Awards, he was nominated for best ensemble for his performance in “Romeo and Juliet in Hell.” The role in the movie TANKHOUSE (2022), where he got to work with performers like Christopher Lloyd and Richard Kind, was his best recent accomplishment. He loves comedy and believes that even the most hopeless situations can be made to laugh at.

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Colin A. Borden as Dad

Actor and director Colin A. Borden is most known for his work in the movies Dhar Mann (2018), Better Call Saul (2015), and Thank You, 5. (2018).
Videos by Dhar Mann.


 What are the actors in Dhar Mann paid?

The allowance is $45,722 per year.

 Who is the Dhar Mann woman?

Katherine Norland’s (@katherinenorland)’s Instagram videos and photos.

 In Dhar Mann, who portrays Allison Day?

In Dhar Mann, Kali Jane plays Allison Day.

What is Dhar Mann’s age?

His age is 38.

What is it like to work for Dhar Mann?

Their planning and communication are extremely helpful! Working with Dhar Mann Studios is rewarding, and I never lack the motivation to be successful. Like a real leader, Dhar is very involved with his team and makes sure we are all on the same page. The group works like a family!
Dhar Mann hails from India.

Kali Jane: Who is she?

Kali Jane is an American actress and model. She is most well known for playing “Allison Day” in the TV miniseries by Dhar Mann. When she joined her school’s theatre department when she was 12 years old, she developed a love for performing.

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