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Danielle Olivera Breaks Silence About Her Split From Robert Sieber: ‘It’s Still Emotional’

Once Danielle Olivera confirmed the news of her breakup with Robert Sieber in an interview, “Summer House” fans were taken aback.

There have been rumours about the couple’s relationship status for quite some time, and every single one of them has come true.

Robert Sieber And Danielle Olivera Have Broken U

Danielle Olivera and chef Robert Sieber dated for the past two and a half years, but now that their relationship has ended, they are moving in different directions. In a recent interview with E! magazine, the former disclosed that the couple split up in November.

She admitted that, despite the fact that they do not have a bad relationship, she finds it difficult to date someone who frequently travels for work because of the distance involved. On both accounts, some images of the couple continue to appear in each other’s Instagram grids. Sadly, there have been no recent developments in the two and a half-year relationship between Danielle Olivera and Robert Sieber.

“We split up in November, but saying it aloud still hurts.” It’s sad, yet I’m slowly but surely finding happiness. Even the females from the show are wonderful friends of mine. The Bravo personality particularly told E! News, “They’ve been really kind to me.”

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There is still a lot of love and respect between them, but things weren’t working properly, Danielle said. “We must find our happiness independently if we can’t be happy together.” Robert’s in-demand position as a chef in the Colorado ski resort town of Aspen contributed to the separation, according to the reality star based in New York City.
“There wasn’t enough time, and I would hold things in, and then they would explode in the wrong ways, so our relationship probably suffered a little.” Even if I’m fantastic, I don’t make for the easiest partner because I have high expectations. I’m extremely proud of him and his wonderful career. Do I wish that things were otherwise? Of course, but that’s life. “It’s just the way things are,” she said.

‘Summer House’ Star Danielle Olivera Relationship

Robert Sieber allegedly reached out to Danielle Olivera via Instagram in July 2020, but she allegedly declined him because of his DMs. Three weeks later, right before they started filming Pandemic House, she had her first encounter with him. The reality star had a lot going on at the time, but Sieber persisted in asking her out despite it.
Olivera relocated to Charleston to be with Sieber after they started dating. Olivera had to relocate to New York due to Olivera’s demands, but Sieber had a business commitment. When asked about her relationship during an interview she gave in July 2022, she responded, “We have such a nice balance, so it doesn’t ever feel public because once it does, you might do stuff in the relationship that isn’t real to the connection.”

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Olivera and Sieber were last seen together in October 2022 at San Francisco’s BravoCon convention. Things were not going as planned. In an interview with E, Danielle stated, “It just wasn’t working out.” You know, the lack of hostility makes it worse. Really, I just find it unfortunate that we couldn’t solve the problem.

Who Is Robert Sieber?

According to rumors, Robert Sieber appeared in the Summer House episode Crawl Me Maybe from 2021.Because of his employment at The Snow Lodge, he can reside in Montauk. He is the proprietor of a restaurant in Aspen, which explains this. He currently divides his time between Aspen and New York.
Sieber opened it after working in the cafe and bar at Breakers Montauk.Cook, who began seriously pursuing his hobby at a young age, has even had the honour of cooking with the illustrious Cook. Over the years, David Cook has inspired him a great deal and taught him a lot about Asian cuisine.


Is Robert and Danielle from Summer House still together?

After settling into their Brooklyn apartment in December 2021, Danielle revealed that Robert had relocated to Aspen, Colorado, for a new job. Fans are relieved to learn that they are still together and successfully navigating a distant relationship.

Did Danielle and Robert move?

Even so, do I want to do that? Although Danielle finally agreed to go to Charleston with her love in the May 2 series finale episode, the couple really moved to Brooklyn at the end of 2021.

Are Danielle and Robert from Summer House engaged?

Danielle Olivera of Summer House and her boyfriend, Robert Sieber, had broken up after dating for two years due to her conspicuous absence from the trip.

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What does Robert from Summer House do for a living?

“He oversees the kitchens at the Surf Lodge in Montauk and the Snow Lodge in Aspen. He’ll return home in April, hopefully take some time off, and then spend the summer in Montauk.” “We live apart, but we also live together,” she explained.

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