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Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.6 guide: new update adds cross-platform saves, mod management, and more



Cyberpunk 2077 patch 1.6 guide: new update adds cross-platform saves, mod management, and more

According to reports, “Cyberpunk 2077” has been working on what it describes as the final significant update for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Other improvements are expected, such as mod management, cross-platform saves, and other features.

For all platforms, even those last-generation consoles, the update is now ready for download. The download size for the Xbox Series X is 39.6GB.
It adds a fresh aspect to the wardrobe. It will be referred to as a “transmog” system. By doing this, you will be able to alter your attire without affecting your armour class or other attributes. This might help prevent an issue with RPGs where the player is forced to choose between an outfit that has greater stats and one that looks cool. Additionally, it will enable you to preview clothing items while purchasing them from a seller.

New additions are numerous in the Cyberpunk 2077 release.

A new REDmod tool has been released by CD Projekt Red for PC gamers. The company claims that this application will assist users in managing, installing, and creating mods. According to the REDmod website, you can modify the game by adding your own sounds, animations, and scripts.

The performance mode setting for the Xbox Series S will be ported over from the Series X, which will force games to aim for 60 frames per second while maintaining resolutions of between 800p and 1080p. The 1.6 patch included some stuff, such as “new tools and new Photo Mode capabilities.” This will relate to the upcoming Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime, which will make its Netflix debut the following week.

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The game’s creators also included a fresh The Witcher. You may play a game starring Geralt’s horse on this in-game arcade cabinet. It resembles the dinosaur game on Google Chrome, where you have to continuously run, leap, and duck to escape hazards. It is being made available by the corporation as a separate app for iOS and Android.

Update File will be 39.6GB for the Xbox Series X

The new modding tools are solely available on the PC, therefore you can’t access them through consoles. The update can be pretty large because it takes up 39.6GB when downloaded on the Xbox Series X. However, some of the content is genuinely filtered for people who live in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Japan.

Once users have done that, they will need to

  • Open Cyberpunk 2077, then navigate to the settings section of the game. They must go to Gameplay Settings and scroll down to find the cross-progression options once version 1.6 appears in the menu.
  • By toggling the option, it will turn the feature on and off. It’s likely that the option was automatically enabled in the game with the 1.6 patch update.
  • When cross-progression is enabled, the saved file will immediately sync with the game on all other platforms. Once the function is activated, players must save the game after making some progress, and the save will automatically be transferred to the cloud. Cross-progression, however, will need to be supported by the area and the platform. Players must look for a cloud icon next to the game’s save name in order to verify the same.
  • Players of Cyberpunk 2077 should keep in mind that not all platforms may immediately see cloud saves. Be patient with the process until CD Projekt Red develops a cure for it in the upcoming weeks, as it can take a few minutes for it to be identified on a different platform.
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