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GamingCrucible of Storms Raid Bosses, Entrance & Location

Crucible of Storms Raid Bosses, Entrance & Location

Today, we are going to dicuss Crucible of Storms Raid Bosses, Entrance & Location

found a historical artifact? made a pact with an ancient god? In order to combat N’Zoth’s allies, use our Crucible of Storms Guide.

The Crucible primarily continues the Stormsong Valley tale, in which the Tidesages have been exposed to something evil. For those of you who are new or have not yet explored the area or the Shrine of the Storms dungeon, spoiler alert: they have been possessed by the Naga and their Old God lords.

Crucible of Storms

Let’s give you a general summary of the game. The third raid in Battle for Azeroth, Crucible of Storms, is focused on the Old God N’Zoth. Although it is the second raid to be released as part of the Tides of Vengeance content patch, it is also a brief raid, similar to Trial of Valor in Legion. It has two bosses with a strong Old Gods theme.

The story didn’t finish with the Shrine of Storms, and you’ll soon be entering a raid to take on N’Zoth, who is actually the root of the problem rather than the Tidesages. Finding the World Quest Naga Attack is a good place to start if you want to continue playing the game effectively. It is a fantastic in-game quest chain that advances the plot and leads to the raid featuring the new Xal’atath.

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Azshara will give you the mission orders when you are killing Naga. If you feel like it, you can confidently presume that the Old Gods did it, which is actually an accurate assumption for just about anything related to shopping in World of Warcraft. Completing this chain will bring you right up to the raid’s entrance.

Crucible of Storms: Playing Expertise

There are only two encounters in this brief raid, but they are not meant to be simple ones. Expect it to be rather challenging, in my humble opinion, on par with the final bosses of Dazar’alor. Players had to be at least 350 ilevels when LFR was first published in order to zone in. If you have been enjoying this tier of LFR, you will be able to enjoy the new tier of LFR as well because that is exactly the same as Dazar’alor.

Crucible of Storms: Location

The Crucible of Storms sits on the island east of Stormsong Valley, in the midst of a number of enormous, unsettling Old God tentacles. Mildenhall Meadery or Ironmaul Overlook is the closest airport to this area for the Alliance or Horde.

Restless Cabal: Strategy

Your first confrontation with the Restless Cabal will occur in The Crucible of Storms. It has two enemies for you to defeat: Zaxasj the Speaker and Fa’thuul the Feared. It’s a challenging fight where you must balance and avoid the bosses’ use of three distinct artefacts that are all going to negatively impact your health.

To prepare for the encounter, follow these tips:

  • The Wowhead guide includes a thorough breakdown of the many problems.
  • The Icy Veins’ Guide, a thorough, step-by-step walkthrough
  • Unquestionably Epic’s manual, a simple manual with positioning illustrations
  • The tank-focused raid is covered in TankNotes’ guide.
  • There is a video tutorial from Fatboss for those who learn best visually.
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Uu’nat: Strategy

If you’ve been eagerly expecting to face a frightening void-touched Naga, this one is especially for you. Uu’nat is the second and final boss in Crucible of Storms, and it’s a fascinating spin on the first encounter. You get to use the relics from the first battle to fuel yourself in this battle, but there are some drawbacks that you must naturally overcome on your own.

To prepare for the encounter, follow these tips:

  • The Wowhead guide includes a thorough breakdown of the many problems.
  • The Icy Veins’ Guide is a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough.
  • Questionably A straightforward manual from Epic that includes placement pictures
  • The raid is covered in TankNotes’ tank-specific guide.
  • For those who learn best visually, Fatboss has a video tutorial.

Variety of loot

Gear that is an upgrade over Dazar’alor gear is dropped by both the Restless Cabal and the Uu’nat encounter. In LFR, 390 drops from the Restless Cabal gear, 390 from Normal, 405 from Heroic, and 420 from Mythic. In LFR, Uu’nat gear drops for 380, in Normal for 395, in Heroic for 410, and in Mythic for 425. Everybody gets an upgrade!

Numerous characteristics of the loot have intriguing in-use effects. Even though the item level is only somewhat greater than Dazar’alor, I think the gear options are extremely intriguing.

How to get to Cruicible of Storms

The route to the dungeon is unique for each faction, presuming you know how to get to your faction’s capital cities in the expansion, Dazar’alor and Boralus.


If you choose to fly or drive to Stormsong Valley, you must head to the little island and the Shrine of the Storms flight point. Avoid going into the dungeon. On the zone’s eastern edge is the island. At 83.79, 47.27, mount up before flying in an arc to the entrance. You may not be able to fly straight ahead because doing so may make you tired and cause you to crash back at the shrine.

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The Horde will have to travel to Dazar’alor’s harbour and board a vessel heading towards Warfang Hold in Stormsong Valley. By any means required, fly or travel to the Shrine of the Storm’s flight point. Fly on a curve from the Shrine of the Storms to the site of the raid entry. A direct flight may not be possible for you.

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