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CelebrityConstance Nunes - Net Worth, Husband, Facts, Career, Height, Age & More...

Constance Nunes – Net Worth, Husband, Facts, Career, Height, Age & More 2023

American model, mechanic, and television host Constance Nunes is well-known. She rose to fame thanks to her part in the auto reality show. According to Celebrity Net Worth, “Constance Nunes” has a $2 million current net worth.

Her father gave her the bug for automobiles

We are all unique. For instance, you’ll have to put in more effort if your business is large and has several distinct brand identities than if it is highly specialised.
On November 17, 1989, Constance was born in Portugal. She was raised in Los Angeles, California, where she was born. She became interested in cars as she watched her father, a mechanic, repair them.

She became interested in car racing because her father loved it. She used to accompany him when he went to watch car races.

Her favorite automobile is a 1964 Ford Mustang

Constance bought a 1964 Mustang as her first car when she was 16 years old. The car is still in her possession today.Babystang is the name she gave it. Nunes has put a lot of effort into keeping it in top condition. She made the car black instead of white. She tries to keep the six-cylinder engine in good working order because she likes it.

Along with her love for BMW, she also has a sweet spot for Audi. Perhaps because it doesn’t require routine maintenance, she drives an Audi A5 in her garage.

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She began her professional life as a model

In 2008, Constance started modelling in Los Angeles. She was pictured for Adore Apparel, Jockey, and Jeep Wrangler print advertisements. She has additionally appeared in advertisements for businesses like Finishing Touch, Reebok, and Motorola. Constance has appeared on Model Mayhem and in a Super Bowl commercial for Kia. She performed stunts in a number of Hollywood movies.

She then agreed to work as an aftermarket director in the service division for Ford, Acura, Audi, and BMW. She previously worked for businesses like 4 Wheel Parts and VP Racing Fuel, and she is currently a product specialist for Audi. She’s a devoted user of social media, particularly Instagram. She’s been seen promoting various brands, such as Rockstar Energy Drinks and JLUXLABEL apparel, on her Instagram profile.

She is married to Jared Toller

Jared Toller is the husband of Constance Nunes.

I’m sorry, guys. Constance Nunes has a husband. Jared Toller is her husband. The couple first met in 2016, and they got engaged in December 2018. On February 9, 2019, they got married. At Piru, California’s Newhall Mansion, the pair exchanged vows.

Rust to Riches

Rust to wealth The show centres on the exploits of a mechanic who works at Brooklyn’s Gotham Garage. Starting with a car that wouldn’t sell for much money, the garage modifies it and then values it at $100,000 or more.

In addition to writing articles about cars for various publications, she also posts her auto videos on YouTube and Instagram. She is eager to launch her own business and work in the automotive industry. She’ll be restoring vintage cars and selling them afterward for a fixed price.

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Net Worth

The Portuguese beauty is living the American dream: working as a model, touring the world, appearing in a popular reality show on Netflix, and basically doing what she enjoys.

Constance’s employment with Gotham Garage is the main source of her fortune. She is the only female mechanic in Mark Towle’s Temecula, California, shop, so she is not your normal eye candy. She is a crucial cast member of the garage-focused Netflix series Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

Instagram is yet another profitable source of money for Constance. With almost 900,000 followers, Nunes generates substantial revenue from her posts. Constance earns between $2,667.75 and $4,446.25 per post, according to Influencer Marketing Hub, with an engagement rate of 4.62 percent.
Constance has also done modelling in the past and continues to do so today. She has appeared in print and television commercials for a number of upscale brands in that vein.

Numerous online sources estimate Constance Nunes’ net worth to be $1 million as of 2022.


The prized possession of Constance Nunes, who has had it since she was 16, is a 1964 Ford Mustang. She frequently uses the muscle car, fondly known as the “Babystang,” as the focal point of her Instagram photos.

Nunes started tuning Babystang when she was 16 years old, although she acknowledges that she is still far from completing it.

Constance Nunes on Car Masters

When Netflix ordered the reality series Car Masters: Rust to Riches, which focused on the customers of Gotham Garage, Nunes’ fans got a glimpse inside what goes on in the garage. For the aristocracy of Los Angeles, Mark Towle and his team are entrusted with constructing raunchy, extravagant sculptures out of leftover materials.

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Car Masters debuted its inaugural season on September 14, 2018; its second season will begin on March 27, 2020. A third season has been approved by Netflix and is scheduled to debut on August 4, 2021.
Nunes questioned and disproved the myth that attractive women despise getting their hands dirty. Nunes is, after all, a mechanic first and foremost; therefore, she is just as committed and knowledgeable as any of her male colleagues.

Constance does side-modeling work in addition to popping the hoods of cars. Unsurprisingly, Nunes started her career as a car model, courting spectators at the Long Beach Grand Prix with her charisma.

She later transitioned into glamour modelling and appeared in print advertisements for companies like Feral Cosmetics, Jockey, Wrangler, and JLUXLABEL. She has additionally appeared in television advertisements for Motorola, a major telecom company, and Hollywood, a Kim Kardashian smartphone game.

Although Constance is presently represented by the NTA Talent Agency in Los Angeles, she primarily models on Instagram. She models for companies like Rockstar Energy Drink and VP Racing Fuel in addition to her sexy beauty photographs and unglamorous garage photos. With 893k followers right now on Instagram, she is almost at 900k subscribers.

Trivias About Constance Nunes You Need To Know.

  • She was interested in cars because of her father.
  • She was a model before Car Masters.
  • She is of Portuguese Descent
  • Constance Nunes really works on cars.
  • Constance Nunes really works on cars.

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