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GamingCongratulations! Mega Man has already sold 38 million copies

Congratulations! Mega Man has already sold 38 million copies

Capcom’s franchise is 35 years old and has a long history of great deliveries.

Sometimes at the top, sometimes in oblivion, but the important thing is that Mega Man is still valid and with releases, in fact, its next premiere will be a collection of the Mega Man Battle Network series scheduled for 2023. This would not be possible if the franchise did not have, after all, sales to support it and although they are far from many monsters in the industry, they are enough to keep it active.


During its recent financial report, Capcom took the opportunity to mention Mega Man, one of the franchises that laid the foundation for the company. In it, it was revealed that the IP has already sold 38 million copies over 35 years, since its first installment debuted in 1987, and during all that time it has seen different releases with various series, some starring the titanium blue robot and others by characters who stood out on their own merit until they had their own game, such as Mega Man Zero.

Although there is no information about a new release for Mega Man, it is good to know that the series is still under consideration by Capcom, a company that is currently enjoying the honey of success with franchises such as Monster Hunter and Resident Evil.

The next thing we will see from Mega Man will be a live-action movie for Netflix, a production that generates uncertainty because these types of proposals have not been successful. However, fans do not lose hope that a new installment of one of their series will be announced.

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