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GamingCodashop Free Fire: All the Information You Require!

Codashop Free Fire: All the Information You Require!

Today, we are going to discuss about Codashop Free Fire all the information you require.

The diamond is the exchangeable item in the immensely popular battle royale game from Free Fire. These gems can be used to buy the Elite Pass, many eye-catching costume bundles, attractive skins, strong characters, and other gear.

Players often use the Google Play Store to make direct purchases from the in-game store. As an alternative, they can buy the diamonds from Codashop.

What is Codashop exactly, and how does it integrate with Free Fire?

  • Codashop is one of the most popular and well-known top-up websites. Users can quickly top off their accounts with in-game money thanks to this feature.
  • Players can also use Codashop to get diamonds in Free Fire and gain extra benefits. There are absolutely no requirements of any type in order to open an account.
  • Codashop is offering a free fire top-up.
  • Everything You Should Know!

How can gamers at the Indian Codashop top up their Free Fire Diamonds?

  • Codashop, one of the best top-up services, gives players access to a variety of in-game currencies, including Free Fire diamonds.
  • Players only need to enter their Player ID to buy diamonds. To top up Free Fire diamonds using Codashop in India, follow the steps below:
  • Step 1: Players must first go to Codashop’s main website. Players can do this by clicking the link provided below.
  • They must then select the “Free Fire” option in Step 2. There are many top-up options that will show up on the screen.
  • Step 3: They must then decide how many diamonds to purchase and how to pay for them.
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  • Step 4: If the transaction goes well, the diamonds will be added to the players’ accounts.
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Prices for diamonds at Codashop

The current diamond price list for Codashop is as follows:

  • INR 40 for 50 diamonds
  • INR 80 for 100 diamonds
  • INR 240 for 310 diamonds
  • INR 400 for 520 diamonds
  • 800 INR will buy 1060 diamonds.
  • Diamonds cost 2180 INR at INR 1600.
  • INR 4000 to 5600 for diamonds

Codashop is offering a free fire top-up.

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  • Given that the prices are so close to those in-game, some gamers might be wondering what additional benefits they are getting by buying diamonds from Codashop.
  • The Codashop offers a variety of options for players to pick from. If players use their Paytm wallet to purchase 310 diamonds or more from Codashop, they will currently receive three Carrot-Nator AN94 handgun crates absolutely free. This agreement may have regional modifications. A discount of up to Rs 200 would also be given to new subscribers.
  • Users in India now have a choice between Paytm, UPI, and NetBanking.

How do I purchase diamonds from Codashop?

  • Enter your ID, select the number of diamonds, and then finish the payment process. The jewels can be added right away to your Free Fire account.
  • If you’re a player who wants to purchase diamonds, you might consider using Codashop because it provides added value.


One of the biggest websites for top-ups is Codashop. Free Fire Diamonds can be purchased by Free Fire gamers through Codashop. You only need to input the Free Fire ID; you don’t need to register an account. Diamond prices are also the same. The players can also take advantage of various top-up deals from Codashop.

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  • What you should be aware of
  • A 3x Carrot-nator AN94 Gun package is free if you use Paytm Wallet to top-up 310 diamonds or more on Codashop.
  • The actions listed below must be followed in order to purchase diamonds through Codashop.
  • First, go to Codashop and input your Free Fire user ID.
  • Step 2: Choose the payment method and the quantity of diamonds you wish to buy.
  • You will immediately receive the diamonds in your Free Fire account.
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