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GamingChinese video game market revenue falls for the first time in a...

Chinese video game market revenue falls for the first time in a decade

Chinese video game market in the country is going down, but the expectation is in the international market.

After the recent restrictions imposed by the Chinese government on its own gaming industry, which revolve around censorship and modification of content, as well as measured times of games for minors, it did not take long for the market to feel the impact. Now, gaming’s hottest national market is reeling after posting its first drop in revenue in 10 years.


Gamesindustry.biz report shared recent data that was revealed by the China Audio, Video and Digital Publishing Association’s Game Publishing Committee confirming the decline of its video game market after 10 years at the top. . According to the information, the income was down 1.8% while the number of players also with 1 million fewer users. Similarly, the revenue of the main video game companies in China fell 4.25%. The reason? There is no other than the position of the Chinese government that has curbed and modified a thriving industry for reasons of moral and social policy.

“The Chinese government’s stance has curbed and imposed changes on a thriving video game industry for reasons of moral and social policy”

However, not all is lost for the video game industry in China, since the expectation is now in international markets, where companies such as Tencent and NetEase are already taking part in different projects committed to conquering Western players with high values. of production. An example of this is the recent title announced by Tencent, Code: To Jin Yongwhich features a huge open world and action in imperialist China.

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Against this background, it should be noted that the projections of video game industry analysts are that this year, the United States will surpass China as the market with the highest revenues and profits worldwide, something that was unthinkable in recent years.

Since we are talking about the Chinese video game market and its restrictions, it was just revealed that the new policy that will apply to streams is that content creators must have certificates that show that they are specialized in the subject they are dealing with.

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