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TechnologyChatGPT to eliminate a lot of current jobs: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

ChatGPT to eliminate a lot of current jobs: OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, has said that he is “a little bit afraid” by the capabilities of the AI chatbot ChatGPT and has stated his concern about its potential.

He expressed worries about how the chatbot can be misused and result in the loss of human jobs in a recent interview with ABC News.

Altman claims that ChatGPT has the potential to “remove” a large number of human jobs, which worries him. He claims, “Here, we need to exercise caution. People need to rejoice that we are a little bit frightened of this, in my opinion.”

Fear of Human Control

Although ChatGPT is a technology that is “very much in human control,” Altman worries about which human will ultimately be in charge of it.

He says, “There will be those who disregard some of the safety restrictions we impose. I believe society has a certain amount of time to determine how to respond to, regulate, and manage this.” Altman’s worries are not without merit.

He thinks that hostile cyberattacks and widespread disinformation campaigns might be carried out using the AI bot. They are getting better at writing computer code, he said, and they could be employed in malicious cyberattacks.

The New ChatGPT-4

The more sophisticated ChatGPT-4, which OpenAI just released, is capable of tasks like producing songs or screenplays.

The new chatbot, according to the business, is “more creative and collaborative” than its earlier iterations. Moreover, ChatGPT Plus, a subscription offered by OpenAI for users in India, grants early access to upcoming features like GPT-4.

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Altman acknowledged that the AI chatbot can replace many jobs, which could lead to significant technological changes in a few decades.

Although mankind has shown that it can adjust admirably to significant technological changes over time, in his opinion, the pace at which ChatGPT can replace jobs is concerning.

He declared, “The human imagination is boundless, and we create new jobs. We discover fresh activities.” Altman’s worries notwithstanding, OpenAI keeps improving and expanding the capabilities of its AI chatbot.

While the corporation has taken safety measures to ensure that the tool is “very much under human control,” the potential for its misuse remains a serious danger.

OpenAi first released ChatGPT in June 2020, but it really took off in November 2022. Although it is relatively new, millions of people currently use it.

But it’s still unclear how society will respond to the development of AI technology and how it will affect the labor market.

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