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Quanxi CHAINSAW MAN is a world-class demon hunter from China. She is a hybrid-a person who can be a demon. She merged with Crossbow Devil. Quanxi is one of the most fascinating characters in the series, as it almost always looks cold and unemotional. She has a factual conversation with people, even if her four friends Harlem please her. Quanxi is also one of the strongest fighters and incredibly nonsense on the battlefield. She is not because of unnecessary bloodshed. Instead, Quanxi either knocks down everyone else or makes a deal to keep them alive, allowing them to kill and leave the target.


Himeno CHAINSAW MAN is a demon hunter who used to work under Makima. She is a pretty laid back boss. She behaves like a new employee’s friend, but she knows when to start a business. She looks easy most of the time, but it’s pretty clear that she has a dark worldview. She was rarely seen without smoking, and she even urged Aki to smoke it so it wasn’t a big deal. She said demon hunters generally do not live long enough to experience the harmful side effects of smoking. Himeno also sticks to the idea that successful Felhunters are the only ones who don’t have the mindset in the right place. One of the most famous scenes takes us to when she drank and offered to kiss Denji, but the alcohol made her so nauseous that she threw it into his mouth.


The Angel Devil CHAINSAW MAN is a walking contradiction. He is a devil, but he is a manifestation of people’s fear of angels. Unlike others of his kind, he can coexist with humans, but still believes that humans should die of suffering. However, he seems to have changed his view during the course of the series as he became a source of emotional support for some people. He also hates fighting and looks lazy most of the time. He is reluctant to use his power and apologizes in advance to the victims, as angels can shorten a person’s lifespan by touching them. 

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Some say the dog is a man’s best friend, and Pochita isn’t your average dog, but his loyalty to Denji proves that old-fashioned feelings are true. Poche is a chainsaw devil that melts into Denji’s heart after the Zombie Devil attacks Denji. Pochita hated other humans, but loved Denji for saving his life. He loves listening to Denji’s dreams and wanted to help her realize her dreams. At the end of the first part, Pochita told Denji that his dream was to be embraced by someone after remembering the memory he had with it after he met.


Kobeni once worked as a demon hunter under Makima, but resigned after being traumatized by the battle with the dark demons in hell. Her demon hunt wasn’t for the timid, and Kobeni realized that this dangerous job wasn’t for her. She collapses under pressure and is amazed at her enemies. If Kobeni means saving her life, she is willing to sacrifice Denji, and when she panics, she is often exorbitant about everyone around her. I will blame you. However, Kobeni took a little courage at the show and proved that calming her could keep her calm.


Reze is one of the most interesting villains in the series. She is a bomb demon hybrid acting on behalf of the Soviet Union. At first she looked like a quirky “girl next door”, but she was all about getting close to Denji and gathering information about Mandeville. She is a champ manipulator and wants to be a toy rather than physically hurt people’s minds. Reze underwent brutal military training as a child and was learning to extract information from people. A hybrid of the bomb demons, she had some of the strongest abilities in the series and was able to explore herself by pulling the pin on the collar and transforming into a demon shape.


Aki is a demon hunter from Makima’s team. AKI, simply is another of the protagonists of the chainsaw man series and fans appreciate his presence in the series. He is the voice of reason in the escape of Denji and Power. Aki tries to make her look away from others in order to protect herself. Still, it’s pretty clear how much he cares about others and how far he goes to save those at risk. Himeno says he’s a normal human, unlike most other Felhunters who shut down their emotions after losing a lot. His purpose is to defeat Mandeville and take revenge on his family. 

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Denji is the main character in the series, but unlike the main characters in other boys. He doesn’t dream of saving the world. Instead, Denji wants something as simple as an apartment, food, girlfriend. After Denji met Pochita, she became a yakuza demon hunter and tried to repay her father’s debt. She died after being attacked by a zombie demon, but Pochita united her heart and revived. Denji knows he’s not the brightest light bulb in the hut, but he’s still a pretty clever person, pure street smart and able to handle any situation. He’s one of the most sober protagonists, so he’s become more and more popular after the anime is released.


After her debut in Chapter 4, Power soon became one of the most beloved and beloved characters in the series. She’s Bloomfield, but she works for Makima’s team. She is lovingly eccentric with her and has a very heartwarming friendship with Denji. Her power has her childish attitude and an unpleasant personality to most people, but it’s hard not to like her once others know her. She fights only when she is convinced she will win. Otherwise, she jumps in quickly, leaving confusion for someone else to get rid of. Power also likes to brag about herself, claiming she has an ultra-high intelligence index in the range of 500 to 1,000. 


Maxima is a comprehensive adversary of the series. She is a high-level devil hunter who kept her true identity as a control devil secret in most of the series. She was the one pulling the laces at every event in the series. She had the goal of breaking the spirit of her denji so that he could completely transform into a chainsaw demon and submit to her. She is a big fan of Chainsaw Man and calls him the hero of hell. She believes that his ability to make mankind forget the devil after eating him helps mankind to live in peace without fear or death. Being a control devil, it has always been impossible for her to maintain a healthy relationship. She was just on an equal footing with someone and she wanted to make a meaningful connection.


The series features captivating characters that advance the story and entertain the reader. Chainsaw Man has everything from the bloody battle between the likable protagonist Denji and the malicious demon to the hilarious joke between power and other characters. Some are more popular than others, and there are many ways to measure fan opinion.

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Chainsaw Man is finally back for Part 2 of the hugely popular manga series, and the new chapter will establish Denji’s unique role in the series to come! After Tatsuki Fujimoto ended the first part of the series a few years ago, the second part began this summer. Things got off to a different start from what fans might have expected, however, as the first chapter of this new era of the series doesn’t feature the genuine evil Chainsaw Man or Denji. That fans have loved before. 

Asa Mitaka was introduced in the 1st chapter, and by the end of her introduction, the series seemed to establish her as a potential new foil. For Denji. With the second chapter of this new season adding to Asa even more and introducing more of his story after his love affair with the Demon of War, the series also teases the lead role of Denji for this part of the series. . He will no longer be the main character. Still, He will probably become the ultimate target for this new main antagonist.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 99 appeared shortly after Asa Mitaka linked up with the Demon of War and killed the student council president and his teacher. She was kept alive by the War Devil to power her main goals, to find the Chainsaw and to wage war with the famous Devil. This chapter shows Asa and some of the new students she meets how to get through the school, and reveals that the Demon of War will be hiding in her body because the Chainsaw Man is one of the students at the school. she has to find out. . This seems to suggest that we’ll be watching Asa a little longer before we see Denji back in action, and it’s also possible that he won’t be a character we can see the perspective from. Again. He will be the main focus for this new villain to seek out and serve as a sort of legendary hero for this new villain to hunt down. Then again, just like how Fujimoto dropped all expectations with the first series, all of that could change with the next chapter.


The specific release date of the horror comedy series produced by MAPPA has not yet been decided, but it has been confirmed that Chainsaw Man will appear in the fall 2022 anime season

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