Can anyone get public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers anyone, apart from employees, with whom you interact as part of your business operations such as: people visiting your business. customers. clients.

Can you get in trouble for not having business insurance?

The court’s adopt a very strict stance towards motorists charged with driving without insurance and it is considered a strict liability in that you either had valid insurance at the time of driving or you didn’t. The penalty for this offence is between 6 – 8 penalty points in addition to a fine.

Who requires public liability insurance?

Do I need public liability insurance? You’re not legally required to have public liability insurance, but if you’re a business owner the chances are you’ll need it. Public liability insurance covers your costs if someone else sues your business – and without cover, unexpected legal costs could bankrupt your business.

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What is the difference between personal and public liability insurance?

Personal liability insurance covers injury or damage compensation claims made against you by a third party. Public liability insurance is the commercial version of this insurance – it covers compensation costs if someone makes a claim against your business for injury or damage.

What happens if you drive without business insurance?

If the case goes to court, you could face an unlimited fine and even disqualification from driving, which means putting a halt to your business activities. The police also have the power to seize and destroy your van if you’ve driven it without insurance.

Do I need employers liability insurance if I am the only employee?

If you’re a sole trader and work by yourself or only employ close family members, there’s no need to get employers liability insurance, unless a contract requires it. There are other types of cover that you might like to think about as a sole trader, such as public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

What insurance is a legal requirement?

Employer’s liability insurance is the only business insurance that is mandatory (under the Compulsory Insurance Act 1969).

Do I need insurance for an online shop?

That legal requirement comes in the form of employers’ liability insurance. In simple terms, if you have staff, you need it. Even if your staff is just one person (other than you) and even if that person is just helping out from time to time.

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What does liability insurance include?

Liability coverage includes property damage and bodily injury coverages. This could include damage to vehicles, a yard, light pole, or other property damaged because of the accident. Other things may include: A rental vehicle while the other person’s car is being repaired.

Can you get one day public liability insurance?

Yes! One day public liability event insurance is one of our most popular policy types. Even if your event is only one day long it is important that you are covered for claims made against you if someone experiences damage to their property, injury or illness attributable to your event.

What happens if you get caught driving without a license and insurance?

Driving without a licence or insurance may seem like minor offences compared with other motoring offences, however, the effects can be far-reaching. You could receive hefty fines, your insurance premiums are likely to increase, and you could even be disqualified from driving in certain circumstances.

Can I drive to work without business insurance?

You don’t need to add Business Use to your insurance if you just use your car to commute to and from one place of work every day. Your commute will usually be covered by a standard Social, Domestic and Pleasure policy, but you should check your certificate and schedule if you are unsure.

What is the fine for driving without a license?

DRIVING WITHOUT A VALID LICENCE OR PERMIT You can’t drive a motor vehicle on a road unless you have a valid driving permit for a motor vehicle of that class (private, hire, heavy T, etc.). The penalty is a fine of TT$500 or 6 months imprisonment.

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Do I need employers liability for freelancers?

If you never see the freelancers you work with (because you only work with them ‘virtually’), you don’t need employers’ liability insurance. That’s because you’re not in control of their working environment. Without employers’ liability insurance, you’ll have to pay for any damages/compensation yourself.

Who is exempt from employers liability insurance?

Some businesses are not required to have employers’ liability insurance, including: companies with no employees. family businesses that employ only family members.

What insurance do businesses need?

The only type of business insurance required by law, is employers’ liability insurance. You must have this if you employ staff, even on a casual basis.