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TechnologyBill Gates Says He's Excited by the Advances in AI and ChatGPT

Bill Gates Says He’s Excited by the Advances in AI and ChatGPT

In a recent interview with Forbes Magazine, Bill Gates said that the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI) fascinates him in light of the introduction of the ChatGPT chatbot.

Microsoft’s co-founder has frequently expressed his enthusiasm for AI’s potential over the years.He could not help but show his delight for it now that it is beginning to make substantial progress.

Bill Gates Says AI, ChatGPT Progress ‘Excites’ Him

“In a recent exclusive interview with Forbes, Gates discussed AI and the collaboration between OpenAI and the company he co-founded, Microsoft.
It’s interesting to note that Gates acknowledged his excitement over the advancements being made in AI. In the interview, he told Forbes, “The advancement [in AI] has gotten me extremely enthused.”

It’s important to note that Gates’ Microsoft was one of OpenAI’s—the company that developed the ChatGPT chatbot we use today—investors.

The business tycoon continued by discussing the potential applications of ChatGPT in our daily lives. He claims that the AI-powered chatbot’s potential is “quite great.”
According to Gates, the chatbot’s potential uses include serving as an “accessible math instructor for inner city pupils.”

Furthermore, he suggested that it might provide “medical advice that is] available to people in Africa who, in most cases, [would not] ever get to visit a doctor during their life.”

Gates acknowledges that ChatGPT “is actually imperfect” despite this. No one “suggests it does not make mistakes, and it is not very intuitive,” he continues.

The co-founder of Microsoft observes that it appears that the chatbot is also aware of its errors. One time, while they were using Sudoku to train the AI, it provided the incorrect response. Unexpectedly, the chatbot said, “Oh, I mistyped.”

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ChatGPT is as Important as PC or the Internet, Bill Gates Says

Gates recently emphasised the significance of ChatGPT in the present day.
The entrepreneur claims that the chatbots that are currently being developed, such as ChatGPT, are just as significant as what the PC and the internet have become.
The benefactor asserts that “this is every bit as vital as the PC, as the internet,” according to a Business Insider story. He compares them to how AI might affect humanity in the future.

The online news source also highlighted ChatGPT’s remarkable rise.

To put things in perspective, in the first month of 2023, the AI chatbot outperformed popular apps like TikTok with more than 100 million active monthly users. It should be mentioned that its amazing user base just started in late 2022, two months after its introduction.

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