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GamingBGMI was banned in Indiadetails, Know Why?? Check

BGMI was banned in Indiadetails, Know Why?? Check

Today, we are going to discuss about BGMI was banned in india,know why?? check detail.


  • Section 69A of the IT Law forbids the use of BGMI.
  • Following the ban on the first PUBG Mobile, Krafton released the game.
  • Both the Play Store and the App Store do not offer this game for download.

Section 69A of the IT Law prohibits BGMI.

  • As we are all aware, Google Play and the App Store recently removed battleground Mobile India. But do you understand why it is forbidden? If not, read the entire post to learn everything there is to know about it.
  • According to a Reuters report, there is no official explanation for why this game was taken down, but BGMI has reportedly been prohibited under Section 69A of the IT Law.

Following the ban on the first PUBG Mobile, Krafton released the game.

  • After the original PUBG game was formally banned, this one first appeared. The news of its ban has now spread among players, causing a ripe. The obvious reason is that they patiently awaited its release following PUBG’s suspension. When battlegrounds mobile India replaced PUBG, they breathed a sigh of relief. However, this has since been outlawed and taken down from all platforms. Please tell us more about it.
  • If you’re unaware, PUBG Mobile was one of many Chinese apps that the Indian government prohibited in the past because it deemed them to be a threat to national security. Battlegrounds Mobile India arrived after that. And it was claimed that this complies with all laws and standards and is safe.
  • However, the recent removal of this software from the Playstore and app store suggests that there are issues with it as well.
  • In fact, Google just said in a post that
  • We informed the game’s developer and disabled access to it.
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Both the Play Store and the App Store do not offer this game for download.

BGMI has reportedly been forbidden under Section 69A of the IT Law, albeit there is no official explanation for why this game has been taken down, according to a Reuters story. Other Chinese apps were prohibited by this rule as well. Neither the Play Store nor the App Store currently offer the game for download. The game’s servers are still up and running, so those who already have it downloaded on their cellphones can still play it.

How did Google respond?

A Google representative verified that the app was removed at the government’s request. According to a statement from Google, “Upon receipt of the order, in accordance with established procedure, we have contacted the impacted developer and have banned access to the app that remained available on the Play Store in India.”

What was said by Krafton?

In response, Krafton stated that it is working with the authorities to clarify the restriction. According to Krafton’s comment, “We are clarifying how BGMI was removed from the Google Play Store and the App Store and will let you know as soon as we have specific information.”

How PUBG evolved into BGMI

The elimination of BGMI occurs nearly two years after the ban on PUBG. In September 2020, the well-known Chinese game was banned along with over 100 additional apps. Due to its connection to Chinese publisher Tencent Games, PUBG was prohibited. According to the government, these apps were involved in actions that were harmful to the sovereignty and integrity of the nation and posed a severe threat to India’s security and defence. According to the authorities, these apps are capable of engaging in criminal network behaviour comparable to previously restricted apps, as well as spying and surveillance using the camera and microphone, accessing GPS, and fine location.

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Krafton suffered a significant setback as a result of the PUBG ban. Various PUBG competitions were held in India. After PUBG was banned, Krafton severed its relationship with Tencent Games. The company declared that Tencent Games in China would no longer be permitted to distribute the PUBG MOBILE brand in India. BGMI was introduced by Krafton in July 2021 under the slogan “India ka Battle Grounds.” The game’s registrations on the Google Play Store in India reached the milestone of 100 million earlier this month.

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