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EntertainmentBest anime series to watch in 2022 : TOP 22 ANIME

Best anime series to watch in 2022 : TOP 22 ANIME

More than mid-year, we’ve seen almost all new animated series premieres, from exciting new shows such as Naoko Yamada’s Heike Story and Platinum End premiere to popular shows such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Lupine III: Part. I did. IV and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean! With the fantastic and exciting new absolute anime barrage coming in 2022, it’s reasonable that some of the best of the year may have slipped your radar. From big titles like My Hero Academia and Megalo Box 2 Nomad to niche titles like Odd Taxi, Uma Musume: Pretty Derby, jujutsu kaisen hentai, Pui Pui Molcar, Chainsaw man hentai and some of the best anime series aired in 2022. There is the best new anime of the year. We’ve put together a list that’s perfect for you.


Jujutsu Kaisen was a groundbreaking anime hit in 2020 and continued to perform well in 2021, and jujutsu kaisen 0 2022. The story continues one day with Yuji Torakane, a kind-hearted male student who eats a real finger acting as a powerful devil’s vessel, Sukuna. After consuming his fingers, the tiger cane is fooled by a suspicious but influential mentor, Satoru Gojo. Satoru Gojo collects Naruto-like casts of three central figures who work together to defeat the monsters known as curses in the world. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is a show that plays with the metaphor of boy anime. Other shows like this tend to focus on the superhuman protagonist, who magically empowers himself when he pushes rush. Still, the magical round begins with the weakness of the tiger cane himself, and he calls him. They were begging for the devil inside to save them. The show starts a little slower, but it’s rewarding for those who spend a little more time. The characters, especially their wives, are carefully presented, and the three protagonists develop adorable dynamics reminiscent of brothers who like to make fun of each other. Later battle sequences are some of the best animations Studio has ever produced, so staying here will showcase some of Studio Mappa’s best work. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 is the perfect show for long-time boy fans looking for something a little darker and a little stranger, not afraid to deviate from the beaten path of their predecessors.


BEASTAR is the story of a wolf who wants sex with a rabbit but is afraid to devour it. I think it’s an adolescent metaphor. However, it may be an explosive, false racial expedition. Maybe it’s a magnifying glass for sexual violence on campus. Or it could be a seijin-Shiki story about a generation of young people separated from their parents by rapidly changing norms. I stopped worrying about what it was.

It’s a nuisance among critics, but for me, Beastars seeks to make a one-to-one connection between our world and their horny teenage carnivorous and herbivore towns. Works when you quit. I enjoy the show the most, taking the show’s internal logic under my terms. In this respect, BEASTARS is like Romeo or Juliet. A sexy, violent and often frustrating story of unfortunate lovers away from society. And like Shakespeare’s work, Beasters can warp to anything else you want.


Yaguchi Hachitora is delinquent for most people, but he is a severe man. He has good grades and a good circle of friends, but his sedentary life makes him bored. Inspired by high school students’ large and beautiful paintings, he began studying art. However, he has always succeeded without difficulty and is shocked by the work required to become a master of the art. He has a hard time comparing his work to that of his classmates, but he doesn’t give up because he finds a hobby that he is passionate about. The animation of the 

  Blue Period isn’t particularly stunning, but the story it tells is relevant to anyone with creative taste.


The long-awaited second season of the acclaimed Kimetsu no Yaiba series took an unconventional approach this year. Ufotable has split the season into two parts rather than broadcasting the entire season of new footage. Infinite Train Ark adapted to the Devil’s Hitman: A seven-part storyline of the Kimetsuno Yaiba Infinite Train movie, including additional content and the red-light district Ark. This brand new arc takes place immediately after the infinite train event. The endless train movie itself was so impressive that it’s natural to see how well it plays in the televised episode arc. it might be a bit early to endorse the Entertainment District Ark, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 2 has so far established itself as a worthy sequel to the 2019 hit.


Probably the most comfortable anime of the last decade, Laid-Back Camp’s second season is the perfect sequel to the first season. Rin still loves to camp alone, but she slowly opens her doors to her new group of friends at the school’s camp club. It’s a delicious and comfortable slice of life animation about a girl who still goes camping. Staying true to its roots as a semi-educational show, this season brings fun insights to some of Japan’s most incredible regions.

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Studio Bones’ ingenious superhero action drama returns to its fifth season as UA High School students face ever-increasing dangers with ever-increasing stakes. Season 5 of My Hero Academia digs deeper into Endeavor’s recovery after confronting Almighty Nom at the end of last season, Hero Hawks working secretly to defeat the villain’s league from the inside, and Deku his His One for All habit, digging deeper into the relationship between his predecessor’s history and the villain All for One.


Fruits Basket, The family transforms into an animal when hugged and captivates viewers with the promise of a sweet story about a family who is completely disarmed with a cross-generational traumatic shipment. In the final season, when the lucky orphan Tohru Honda tries to break the curse that connects the Kusama family with their dominant patriarch, Akito, all of this begins to culminate. However, because this is a fruit basket, everyone, including Akito, has their own share of trauma. The inspiring final season of Fruits Basket shows that everything isn’t as good as it sounds when it comes to Akito. When a big moment happens, it’s an emotional catharsis that is exciting for everyone. Prepare the tissue.


Megalo Box Season 2 is a much darker, coarser, and sad underdog story than the demonic caring setting of Season 1. The Champion Fighter, known as “Gearless” Joe, was set a few years after his victory at Megalonia, far from when we last met him. He was obsessed with painkillers, fought in an anonymous cage to exchange pockets, and in the worst case, fought alone. Nomads are a valuable follow-up to Season 1’s massive action and character-driven dramas. The fascinating story of the champion’s plunge and subsequent resurrection to the fighter is stronger and more determined than ever.


Directed by Naoko Yamada (“The Tale of the Heike”), produced by Science SARU (Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!) And translated by Hideo Furukawa in 2016, based on the Japanese folk legend “The Tale of the Heike”. In the foresighted power of the powerful Heike story, the eldest son of the influential Heike, suffers from his own vision of death. Biwa predicts the downfall of the Taira clan and witnesses the myriad misfortunes and tragedies that fall upon the clan but nevertheless refuses to help them in retaliation for their father’s death.


Hori-san, a show that combines the names of two core romance parties, Hori-san and Miyamura, is as wonderful as you would expect from a show named after two lovers. The show is about her responsible sister, Hori, a student who is confident with her friends, and her shy, quiet and lonely Miyamura, who has a secretly edgy look outside of high school. Following the up-and-coming romance. (You can see that he has tattoos and piercings!) For other girls, it’s not uncommon for the story to continue throughout the season before the romance doesn’t even hold hands and kiss. Hori sees them falling in love with each other in several episodes. At this pace, the first season of the show not only shows Hori-san’s relationship with Miyamura but also gives us space to learn more about everyone else in life. Over time, I see Miyamura, once lonely, building a loving and supportive community around him. Mr Hori has not done anything remarkable or groundbreaking. It’s a lot of fun to watch. The characters avoid fierce conflicts and accept idyllic friendships that overcome conflicts without much development. Sure, there’s no big and satisfying solution like a show like Fruits Basket, but we’re tearful. Also, the complete story starts and ends after a season, so you don’t really need to invest too much time. Hori-san, who is fun and light, was just a summer treat for me.


Pui Pui Molcar is one of the craziest and most entertaining comedy anime to appear in 2021. A short series of stop-motion animation set in a big city where a huge fuzzy guinea pig with wheels on its legs lives, it consists of a series of skits that overcome various misfortunes and chase after the guinea pig. From traffic jams to bank robbers, cat rescues, and escapes from zombie apocalypse, Pui Pui Molcar is full of creativity and real laughter. Each episode runs in less than 8 minutes or about 8 minutes, so if you’re looking for something fun to watch or a kid who’s always watching Coco Melon.


Based on Hirohiko Araki’s sixth installment in the hit supernatural action series, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean follows the story of Jotaro Kujo, the daughter of Jotaro Kujo, the main character of Stardust Crusaders. He was charged with murder. As with all seasons in JJBA, her strange supernatural abilities are exerted while JoJo is chased by villains and murderers trying to kill her and her family. Your stake will only escalate from there. As you can imagine, David Productions once again shattered it from the park, transforming Araki’s quirky and unique art style and storytelling into animation in a way that respects and reinforces the source material. So far, Netflix can only stream the first 12 episodes, with more episodes coming out soon.

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Odd taxi is, well, weird. Theres a slice of life mystery drama about Odokawa, a taxi driver in his 40s, who may or might not be involved in the disappearance of a missing girl in a world of anthropomorphic animals. No matter how strict that initial premise may sound, anime as a whole is a clever mix of dark comedy and irreverent jokes. A series that revolves through the cast of eccentric, unconventional, and most important, painfully human characters that intersect Otogawa’s own life in search of the desires of the heart. media. A must-see series, Odd Taxi is a strong candidate for 2022’s most unique and underrated anime.


Following the commercial and creative success of One Punch Man Season 1 and Boogiepop’s laughable show, Shingo Natsume returns to Sonny Boy with an all-new original sci-fi survival drama. The show follows a high school class just before summer vacation, which, along with the school building, is mysteriously taken to another dimension that appears to be separated from space and time. There are no clues about adult directors or how to get there, so students have to try to bring some order to the turmoil if they have a chance to escape this strange world, not to mention find the answer. Hmm. In addition to this, some of the boys and girls in the group suddenly gained a strange and powerful new supernatural ability, and you have a barrel of situations just waiting to burst. But what really sets Sonny Boy apart is its beautiful setting and the emphasis on youthful drama between the characters. Mari Fujino’s artistic direction often relies on pure black to simulate the voids of the sky, emphasizing bold color contrasts to express exotic backgrounds. The character design of Hisashi Eguchi (Perfect Blue) is reminiscent of the anime of the ’70s and 80’s. Beyond the superficial comparison with 

 The Lord of the Flies or death note, Sonny Boy is an interesting sci-fi mystery infiltrated into a relevant seijin-Shiki story centred around a memorable eccentric character cast. Enough style, humor, and delicacy.


Hard-working skateboarder Reki loves the S race, a secret skateboard race that takes place at night. These races are full of danger, and some of the most iconic underground skateboarders train their flesh in South Africa (yes, that’s the term used by anime). Canadian transfer student Langa is crazy about snowboarding, but with the help of Reki, he starts skating and competes in S. The creators are more devilish than they look, and when Ranga outperforms Reki, a conflict arises. The 

 Sk8 is special because it makes the character special. With a wide cast of amazing characters (Cherry Stan, Unity!) And an interesting backstory, it’s the perfect short sports anime to satisfy all the itching of 12 episodes.


The ranking of kings is based on the manga of the same name by Sosuke Toka and follows the story of King Bosse, the mighty giant who is the eldest son and heir to the throne of his father, set in the fantastic world of the story of sword and sorcery. ing. Despite his gentle personality, Boji is despised by his father’s court and kingdom subjects because he was deaf and born stupid. It seems that only one person understands him. A shadow creature named Shadow vows to support the quest to become king, from thick to thin. After his throne was robbed by his evil half-brother Daeda, Bojji embarks on a journey to become stronger and find a way to regain his throne. Ranking of Kings is an exquisite new generation of fantasy comedy with adorable characters, a beautiful picture book color palette, a completely compelling story full of danger and intrigue, and a stunningly striking battle. Taking over the hero of the cutest anime in 2021, Bojji conveys deep compassion and sustainability with just a handful of utterances and expressions. If you’re seeking an anime that will surprise you, delight you, and never stop loving you, the rankings of kings are easily ranked among the best animes that year must offer.


Set in the underground world where monsters called “labyrinths” live, follow the story of the precious 9-year-old Memenp who wants to explore the world beyond the safety of human colonies and his father Gaganbar who is a former “marker”. Sakugan. .. (See Explorer) and a mechanical pilot who works as a simple miner. After her home colony is violently attacked by monsters, Memenp asks Gaganbar to allow her to become a tracer and find a mythical place she only sees in her dreams. With no hope of stopping her from her ambitions, Gaganbar agrees and accompanies her daughter’s try for adventure and replies to the mysteries of her world. 

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 Beyond elaborate mecha combat and breathtaking scenery, the heart of Sakugan’s charm is the strange father-daughter relationship between Mememp and Gaganbar. It’s the story of a girl adventuring to leave her footsteps in her world from the safety of her own home, while knowing that she must give her space to learn and grow. It’s the story of her father who wants to protect her daughter. .. It is this connection and dynamism that secures Sakugan’s status as one of the best anime of the year. A shared adventure between father and daughter that they can learn from each other as much as they have to teach each other.


One of the most exciting premieres of 2018, SSSS Gridman has revived one of Tsuburaya Productions’ neglected franchises into a stunning animated love letter for all of its special effects. SSSS.Dynazenon is an excellent sequel to the original series, focusing on another brave team of young heroes misled by a mysterious man named Gauma. Named to fight Dynazenon. The clear ties to the series with Gridman’s world are loose but fascinating. Unlike their predecessors, they open up a lot of exciting possibilities for future shared adventures while establishing clear tones and interests. 

 SSSS.Dynazenon is considered one of the best anime Trigger has ever produced. A hilarious action mecha series with explosive combat, beautiful animations, and richly developed characters.


Many anime share similar assumptions, but perhaps only To Your Eternity is the main character’s immortal sensibility orb, but Fushi doesn’t stay in the orb for long. After the mysterious Creator sends the Orb to Earth, she slowly begins to learn from her surroundings, gaining her consciousness and her ability to transform into something that inspires her. Fushi, who evolves from a rock to a wolf and finally to a boy, learns what it really means to be human, from the simple joy of eating freshly picked fruits to sadness and loss. Embark on a tragic journey of self-discovery. She is woven into the cloth of existence. But through all that, the series never loses hope, finds the everlasting beauty of life, and reminds viewers that as long as it’s in your memory, it’s nothing. Increase.


When a part-time martial artist hits a train, he is magically carried 12 years ago when he was a 14-year-old criminal. Faced with this second chance, martial arts decided not only to find a better way for themselves but also to take advantage of this opportunity to prevent the future death of junior high school chicks by the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang. I am. Through a dark and twisted series, martial arts travel between the past and the present, but only discover that every new crisis he has turned to the past will lead to yet another tragedy in the future. While the mystery of time travel gives the show a strong appeal, what makes Tokyo Revengers a must-see is its attractive character development. To change the future, Martial Arts delves into the past of the Tokyo Revengers and builds complex relationships with members such as the childish but fierce leader Mikey and the grown-up Draken. A perfect blend of high octane action and heartfelt character drama, the Tokyo Revengers quickly established themselves as one of the best modern boy series.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 2 adds a heartbreaking anime twist to the true story of the Japanese racehorse Tokai Teio. She is a hard-working horse girl who wants to be as fast as her mentor Symboli Rudolf. Teio is a shoe for winning a triple crown, but she trips over an unexpected injury, making things difficult. With the addition of the 

  drama and the presence of two famous voice actors, Uma Musume Pretty Der has managed to accomplish an interesting feat. They really care about horses. Seeing this, I learned a lot about real Japanese racehorses and some of the episodes made me roar while cheering for Teio. You cheered me up,


Zombie Land Saga Revenge picks up at the end of the first season and continues to talk about a unique zombie girl becoming an idol. Finally, take a look at the backstory of characters like Yugiri, a 19th-century prostitute, to learn more about the Saga region. Japan’s prefecture, Saga, which wants to revive the idol group, seems to be exposed to a curse that has caused unfortunate accidents and hindered prosperity. But the girl does not give up. Zombie Land Saga Revenge, full of snappy songs and slapstick comedy, is still a must-see.

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