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TechnologyBeppie Puzzles Reviews 2023 (Wooden) Is It Legit Or Scam?

Beppie Puzzles Reviews 2023 (Wooden) Is It Legit Or Scam?

Are you looking for jigsaw puzzles for your children or to give as presents? Don’t worry; there are plenty of online shops where you can find something special at a reasonable price. “Beppie shop” is one such website that is renowned for producing high-quality jigsaw puzzles.

Although the company is based in the United States and is well-known for offering good deals, some people wonder if it is actually legitimate. So let’s take a closer look at the website’s specifics.

What is Beppie shop?

One business that employs a skilled puzzle-design team to create puzzles that are distinctive and exciting is Beppie.shop. Having a high-quality jigsaw puzzle at a reasonable cost helps attract customers. Additionally, the website guarantees standard delivery in every nation on the planet.

The first look at the site makes it feel legit, as it has an attractive site and also has everything that we check out on online shopping sites. But there is something suspicious that creates doubt about the site. Beppie.shop online has no reviews, which is the only way for visitors to learn about the site.
Some more things create doubt among visitors. So, based on further information, we will check whether the site is legit or not.

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  •  Website link: https://www.beppie.shop/

• Portal type: This is an online store that offers puzzle products.

• Address: Xinxing Commercial City, Huangshan Road, Dist-Hongta, City-Yuxi, Yunnan Province.

• Number: +86 172 6201 2647

• E-mail: [email protected]

• Delivery cost: free shipping.

• Order cancellation: not listed.

• Shipping Policy: After processing from stock, the item normally reaches its final destination within 15-30 days.

• Return and exchange: within 30 days of purchasing the products.

• Refund: Available

• Payment mode: PayPal, credit card, VISA

Beepie Pros. Shop

• People can use a gift if it is marked on the purchased item.

• Consumers can get Buy One Get One deals and 90% discount.

Disadvantages of Beepi. Shop

• Puzzle Beppie Customer reviews are not present on the website.

• Perishable and sanitary goods are non-returnable.

  •  Some items are partially refundable, such as CDs, video games, etc.
  •  Items for sale cannot be returned
  •  The customer bears the cost of returning the goods himself.

• The site’s trust rating is very poor and its availability on the social media platform has not been found.

• The order cannot be canceled and the refund process is also not described on the website.

• We could not find the website address on the Google map.

Is the site legit?

To determine whether a site is authenticated or not, some characteristics are helpful. The following information about the site is based on the following criteria:

  • Beppie.shop has no social media presence, which is rather typical for websites. It is one of the primary factors that raises suspicions about the website.
  • The owner’s name is not listed on Beppie.shop, and the website’s address is unreliable.
  • Beppie.shop was launched in March 2021, making it difficult to comment on it. It also only has a 1% trust index rating.
  • Plagiarized content is another sign that a site is a sham. Since about 88% of the content is plagiarism, the website is immoral.
  • It is difficult for new clients to believe in the site because there are no user reviews on Trustpilot.
  • These facts make it very evident that the website cannot be trusted. However, before making a purchase through Beppie.shop, one must review the website’s online information.
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Buyer’s reviews

Since the business has only recently been established, reviews are not yet available. However, based on the data, such as the lack of a social presence and reviews, one can conclude that it is not legitimate. Moreover, there is no positive presence on the site that can attract customers, so wait until it gets some positive feedback. Up until now, it has been hard to say that the site is legit.


What makes Beppie.shop unauthenticated?

The site does not have customer reviews on the Internet, nor does it have any social media presence. The site does not enable sales items to be refunded, and all items are not eligible for a refund. Order cancellation is not an option, and even the company’s address cannot be found on Google Maps.

Is the site legit?

The website is not legitimate, as evidenced by its low trust index and duplicate content. One should stay away from shopping on a site like this since the lack of customer ratings makes it seem even more suspect.

Conclusion for the Beppie Puzzle Page

When discussing the website’s entirety, we note that it is a new entry on the scene with a low trust rating, which explains why users are uninterested. There were no pertinent reviews of Beppie Puzzles that we could find. It also appears that the website is not linked to any social networks.

When a client searches, it turns out that the website address data is false and that a significant portion of the material is plagiarised, which has a negative impact on the consumer’s trust in the site.

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As a result, we cannot recommend this site for shopping, and customers should double-check all information before making a purchase.

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