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Armie Hammer Was Suicidal After Sexual Abuse Allegations, Shares His Own Abuse at 13

Armie Hammer is talking openly about his version of events. In his first interview since the incident, the disgraced actor, who was accused of cannibalism and sexual assault two years ago, admitted that a youth pastor had sexually abused him when he was just 13 years old.
Although the 36-year-old actor has denied any misconduct, he has acknowledged that he has in the past been emotionally abusive to lovers that he met online. After the scandal in 2021, Hammer also admitted to having suicidal inclinations.

Armie Hammer Reveals Being Sexually Assaulted by Pastor at 13

Hammer added when asked about the incident’s effects on him: “What that did for me was inject sexuality into my life in a way that was entirely out of my control.” I had no control over the circumstances. In this circumstance, I lacked any power. I was introduced to sexuality in a terrifying way over which I had no control.

Then, he continued, “my interests changed to: I want to be in charge of the situation, sexually.” In 2021, many women accused the actor of sexual misconduct. He lost most of his projects as a result of the incident, and his agency dropped him.

He added that he had considered suicide in February 2021. I simply walked into the water, swam as far as I could, and prayed that I would either drown, be struck by a boat, or be devoured by a shark. Then I understood that I couldn’t do that to my children because they were still on land.

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Hammer Admitted that He was Emotionally Abusive Towards Women

Further discussing the allegations brought by Courtney Vucekovich and Paige Lorenze, the Call Me by Your Name actor acknowledged that he had been emotionally abusive to both of them. He did, however, clarify that he didn’t do anything illegal.

“These younger women would be in their mid-20s, whereas I am in my 30s.” At the time, I had a good acting career. They might have been content to simply be around me and would have agreed to things that they otherwise might not have. “There is an imbalance of power here,” he said.

“I’m here to accept my errors and take responsibility for the fact that I was a selfish a-hole who exploited other people to make myself feel better before moving on.” “I’m now a healthier, happier, and more grounded individual,” he added.

The actor claims his recovery has helped him get better.
According to the actor, “I feel like my recovery has changed from me being the one who needs help remaining clean to me being able to help others.” He also mentioned how Robert Downey Jr. supported him during his trying time.

“There are numerous examples of people who have experienced such things and have found atonement by choosing a different route, Robert Downey Jr. being one of them.” And that, in my opinion, is what’s lacking in this woke-mob, cancel-culture nonsense. “Anyone who commits a wrongdoing is immediately eliminated,” Hammer continued.

“Rehabilitation is not an option.” To protect themselves, they throw someone like me onto the fire, yet by doing so, they only fuel the fire further. He said, “And that fire is now out of control, and it’s going to burn everyone.”

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Armie Hammer Wiki/Biography

Armie Hammer, who was born on August 28, 1986, will be 36 years old in 2023. He was raised in Santa Monica, California, where he was born. His nationality is American.
He is descended from a dynasty that includes philanthropist and oil magnate Armand Hammer. He was also the creator of the renowned Arm & Hammer baking soda business. He grew up in the Highland Park district of Dallas, and when he was five, his family moved to the Cayman Islands before returning to Los Angeles.

He attended Grace Christian Academy after completing his education at Faulkner’s Academy in the Cayman Islands. He then attended the San Fernando Valley’s Los Angeles Baptist High School. After that, he attended several UCLA classes. When he quit school to pursue acting as a full-time profession, his parents made the decision to disown him; nevertheless, they have since come to appreciate his efforts.

Name Armie Hammer
Full Name Armand Douglas Hammer
Net Worth $15 Million
Date of Birth 28 August 1986
Age 36 Years Old
Birth Place Santa Monica, California, United States
Currently Live In Cayman Islands
Profession Actor, Entrepreneur and Producer
Debut TV Series: Arrested Development (2005)
Video Games: Disney Infinity (2013)
Film: Flicka (2006)
Years Active 2005 – Present
Famous Role Oliver in Film Call Me by Your Name (2017)
Nationality American
Religion Jewish
Ethnicity White Caucasian Descent
Hometown Santa Monica, California
Zodiac Sign Virgo
School/High School Faulkner’s Academy in the Cayman Islands, Grace Christian Academy, Los Angeles Baptist High School in San Fernando Valley
Education Qualification High School
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