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Frequently Asked QuestionsAre LaVan and Cassi Davis related?

Are LaVan and Cassi Davis related?

Although she shares a last name with LaVan, the two are not relatives. They are co-stars whose on-screen chemistry has made people erroneously believe that LaVan is Cassi Davis’ spouse off-screen. LaVan is the actor who portrays the character of Curtis Payne on House of Payne and The Paynes TBS.

What is Cassi Davis Patton net worth?

Davis has an estimated Net Worth of $6 Million as of 2020. This includes her Assets, Money, and Income. Her primary source of income is her career as an actress and singer. Through her various sources of income, Cassi has been able to accumulate a good fortune but prefers to lead a modest lifestyle.

Is LaVan Davis still on House of Payne?

LaVan Davis has made no official statements about leaving the show. House of Payne fans can rest easy, for now. Even though the show gave fans a scare about Curtis, it appears that his role on the show is safe. As of this writing, LaVan has not released an official statement about leaving the show.

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Why is Curtis not on House of Payne?

As he is the main character on the show, it was odd that he was suddenly absent from the series, His absence was heightened when his wife Ella had a health scare after a tumor was found in her breast.

Where is Janine on House of Payne?

In the end, the Payne family could be seen prepping for a dinner to mark Janine’s return. However, apart from Janine, a policeman knocked on the door. While it was all inaudible, fans are speculating that the police was there to tell the Payne family that Janine had died.

What is Aunt Bam worth?

Cassi Davis net worth: Cassi Davis is an American actress who has a net worth of $6 million dollars. Born in Holly Springs, Mississippi, Cassi Davis, also known as Cassandra Davis, graduated from Spelman College with a degree in Music.

What happened to Cassi Davis?

Cassi Davis, 54, opened up to YouTube podcast, The Culture back in February 2021 to discuss her life and career. She revealed that while she did not suffer a stroke, she was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, a condition that affects her facial muscles and causes her eye to droop.

How old is Hattie from Madea?

Today, she’s best known for a role she created for a gospel stage play: Hattie, a feisty 76-year-old with a distinct voice that somehow sounds like an elderly baby. Complete with a catchphrase — “Ain’t that niiiiiice!” — the character was inspired by Lovely’s own grandmother and aunt.

Is Janine still on House of Payne 2021?

When the show returned with season 9 after a long hiatus of about eight years, fans noticed that Janine didn’t appear as often. Moreover, Demetria McKinney has also been credited as a recurring cast member and not a regular for seasons 9 and 10, leaving fans wondering why Janine isn’t as central of a character anymore.

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Why did Calvin get shot on House of Payne?

In the season 8 episode “God Bless the Paynes”, Calvin gets shot by a man who had harassed Miranda. The man saw the shooting as a way to get revenge at Calvin for beating him up.

Where is CJ’s wife House of Payne?

Janine was seen as a responsible and loving mother in the initial episodes of the series, however, her personality took a dark turn after it was revealed that she was a drug addict. Further episodes revealed that she was an arsonist who burned down C.J’s house.

Is House of Payne coming back 2021?

Tyler Perry’s House of Payne has been renewed through season nine. Season eight will debut May 25, 2021.

How old is CJ from the House of Payne?

RUMOURS have flooded the internet actor Allen Payne has died – but Twitter sleuths claim they are a hoax. The 53-year-old has appeared in than two dozen movies and TV shows and is best known for for playing C.J. Payne in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne.

Who shot Calvin on the House of Payne?

Calvin is struggling in court as he faces his shooter, Travis, during trial. The family is worried about Calvin’s state of mind. Calvin is struggling in court as he faces his shooter, Travis, during trial.

What happened to Claretha on House of Payne?

In the current season of House of Payne, Claretha reveals she has leukemia. Ms. Burse can be seen in Bruce Beresford’s Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding, a new film starring Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Catherine Keener, Chase Crawford and Kyle MacLachlan, scheduled for release this year.

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Is Trisha Mann related to David Mann?

Mann is survived by David Mann and her daughter, Trish (Walter) Smitson; five grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren.

Who is Madea’s baby daddy?

Before she leaves her fans Madea wants to finally share the identity of Cora’s real father. She says her dad is Tom Joyner and she’ll be moving to Miami to be with Tom because, “it’s just meant to be.”

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