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TechnologyApple’s web search technology engineers leave for Google, says report

Apple’s web search technology engineers leave for Google, says report

After briefly joining Apple, Google’s search engineers have decided to go back to work for the company. Is there no longer talk of an Apple search engine?

Rumors Say Apple is Trying to Develop Its Own Search Engine to Compete Against Google

The Tom’s Guide article claims that Apple is already engaged in a wide range of activities. The business offers apps for practically anything, including music and photos.
There have been rumours that Apple is attempting to diversify into other items, such as building a Google rival for searches. If successful, search engines could generate significant revenue for the business.

Apple Already has an Advantage if a Search Engine Happens Due to Millions of Its Users

Apple already has the benefit of having billions of iPhone and Mac users throughout the world. The business could easily distribute a search engine to its millions of users.

Other potential changes, according to The Information, are at least four years away. The rumours are based on three former Google search engineers who left Apple and returned to the company.

The Engineers Previously Joined Apple After It Acquired Laserlike in 2018

According to the article, Apple’s possibility of competing directly with Apple in the search browser may have been damaged by the engineers’ departure. According to Venture Beat, the engineers apparently joined Apple when it purchased Laserlike in 2018.

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A machine-learning firm called Laserlike helps people find news, websites, and videos on the web that are tailored to their preferences. According to The Information’s article, Srinivasan Venkatachary, Anand Shukla, and Steven Baker were the three engineers who founded the business.

Rumors Say Apple Could Release Its Search Engine After at Least Four Years

Apparently, the three have come back to Google. It should be noted that none of the plans specifically mentioned Apple’s existing dedicated web search engine. There might be one, according to The Information’s source, but it might be unveiled shortly.

According to the story, Apple could introduce its own search engine at least four years after Google launches. The information stated that it was provided by a member of the team.

Google is Estimatedly Paying Apple $18 to $20 Billion Per Year to Promote Its Search Engine

On its smartphones, laptops, and computers as of the time of publication, Apple continues to encourage Google searches. According to reports, the corporation makes between $18 and $20 billion a year.

How long this strategy would actually take to implement and whether the Department of Justice would approve it are currently up for debate. According to the article, Apple and Microsoft may even work together to make Bing the default search engine instead of Google.
According to the Tom’s Guide article, the idea of Apple endorsing Microsoft was deemed “fanciful,” but building a search engine might be going too far.

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