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TechnologyApple's Mixed Reality Headset team is hiring for a relrase in 2023

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset team is hiring for a relrase in 2023

After years of speculation, Apple is reportedly “wrapping up” the development of the operating system (OS) for its mixed-reality headset.According to reports, the company has been hiring individuals for its AR and VR technology team and has even hired former Apple engineers.

Apple Mixed-Reality Headset

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, who made this claim in his Power On newsletter, Apple will concentrate on some areas where the company needs to improve and devices that might come out next year.

According to earlier reports, Apple is currently working on a mixed reality headset with the codename Oak. According to Gurman, Apple has already finalised the OS, which could result in the headset’s release by 2023. This won’t be aimed at Apple’s mass-market customers and may also be expensive. They will instead concentrate on “pro” users, developers, and die-hard tech enthusiasts.
Apple has been on the lookout for potential employees who are interested in working for codename Oak, despite having put its recruitment plans on hold until 2023. According to job postings the company opened, based on Gurman, they are looking for an experienced software producer with a focus on game asset pipelines for virtual reality devices.

Joblistings for AR/VR Technologies

The new hires will work with teams developing AR and VR technologies, including the company’s Technology Development Group (TDG). Engineers were also listed in a 9To5Mac report about Apple’s search for personnel to work on the App Intents framework for designing and implementing solutions like shortcuts, Siri, search, and others.

The teams are also recruiting engineers to work on frameworks and tools in a 3D mixed-reality environment that may resemble the metaverse. “You will work closely with Apple’s UI framework, human interface designers, and system capabilities teams, pushing you to think outside the box, and solve incredibly challenging and interesting problems in the 3D application space,” the job description read.
The team working on this device will be led by former Hardware Chief Dan Riccio and Apple AR/VR Vice President Mike Rockwell. This will be Riccio’s last project for the company, and he will be directly responsible for Tim Cook, the CEO.

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Additionally, Apple reinstated Dave Scott, a former senior member of the company’s self-driving car unit. In 2021, he and other executives and staff members left the business. A few engineers, including Senior Director of Engineering Yaniv Gur, were also moved to the headset team. He was employed by the Books, Notes, News, and iWork programmes (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers).

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