TechnologyApple's Announcement of New iPhone 14 Color Option is 'Imminent'

Apple’s Announcement of New iPhone 14 Color Option is ‘Imminent’

In case you missed it, there are reports that Apple may update the iPhone 14 and introduce a new colour for all models this spring rather than releasing a brand-new handset. Although it is claimed for the 14 and 14 Plus models, it is not yet known whether Apple will make it available for the Basic, Max, Pro, and Pro Max versions.

Even so, nothing has yet been officially announced, despite rumours that a press conference with reporters would take place on March 7 and reveal anything.

Apple to Release New iPhone 14 Color this Spring

Another report of a new colour for the iPhone 14 arriving this spring and debuting at the same time as the current green iPhone 13 release from the previous year has been confirmed by Mark Gurman’s most recent tweet. Gurman asserted that the debut of this new hue is “imminent” and that it significantly draws attention to the smartphone’s impending colour change.

The yellow colour would be the focal point of this forthcoming iPhone 14 variant, which was last seen in Apple’s 2019 iPhone 11 series.

For unclear reasons, the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 did not have a yellow smartphone in their base models.

According to MacRumors, there have also been reports about Apple conducting a product briefing for this new colorway of the iPhone 14, which will be released on March 7. Nevertheless, as of this writing, there have been no announcements.

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iPhone 13 Got a New Color Midway, Same as 14?

If a new colour for the iPhone 14 were to be announced, it would come just in time for the corporation since the Alpine Green for the iPhone 13 was released in the middle of last year, contrary to everyone’s expectations.

This gives the smartphone a refresh that will better suit a person’s wants and preferences for its exterior appearance, even if there are no improvements to its internals, functions, or the like.

Apple and its iPhone Releases in the Past

Since the launching of the XR, Apple has added fresh, striking colours to its iPhone roster, though it has only done so for the entry-level models. The iPhone 11 was first unveiled by Apple in 2019 along with its fun and vibrant colour designs for the device’s base models, giving users a total of six colour options.

The iPhone 12 also provided the device with bold and interesting colours, and this continued to benefit Apple, positioning them as the leader for people displaying their smartphones to the world in a variety of colours to express themselves.

For the iPhone 13, this continued, but halfway to its release, Apple introduced a brand-new hue, the Alpine Green, which made its debut months later, in 2022.
The current iPhone 14 leak is extensive, but it only focuses on the lineup’s entry-level smartphones and not really on the Pro models. However, if you prefer the Yellow colour scheme for your smartphone, this would be a fantastic change. It’s possible that this will give the iPhone 14 the excitement it craves, like holding the sun in one’s hand.

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