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TechnologyApple Watch Leaks: A Color-Changing Strap is Coming, for One Band to...

Apple Watch Leaks: A Color-Changing Strap is Coming, for One Band to Use for Multiple Occasions

Have you ever struggled to get your Apple Watch to fit properly, or do you want a new strap to help you get the aesthetic you want? Many currently struggle because they can only get single-color Apple Watch bands from the market, but there are already rumours that Cupertino plans to change this in the future.

This is done using a new color-changing Apple Watch strap that would fit people’s favourite colours or moods for the watch’s design and be all they need from their smartwatch.

Apple Watch Color-Changing Strap is Coming says Leaks

According to a recent patent that has been discovered online, the color-changing strap for the Apple Watch will come in a variety of hues so that users can select the one that best suits their needs. The key idea of the patent is the use of “applied voltage” to alter the colour of the strap by mixing various hues from its spectrum.
This patent, which focuses on a high-tech colour change that the user can control, was found by Apple Insider on the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

The patent claims that it will be constructed of fabric with embedded filaments that can be used to change colours, much like smart windows.

Apple Watch Bands: Having One for Each Color or Mood

Naturally, this new patent represents a significant step for Apple in providing people with a color-changing experience on their Apple Watches. It’s also unclear when this will be available to the general public, given that the vast majority of Apple patents are either developed slowly or never reach mass production.

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As of right now, the only way to coordinate colours or moods with Apple Watch bands is to have a variety of straps on hand that users can switch between according to their preferences.

Apple Watch and its Straps

Not everyone likes what Apple offers in its stores for an Apple Watch band, especially given that the options are expensive and might not be what the customer wants in terms of appearance. Famous third-party producers of Apple Watch straps exist for this reason, providing customers with a choice in what to buy while Cupertino provides recommendations.

There are a variety of straps available, ranging from different colours to different materials like rubber, silicon, leather, cloth, and the like. Nevertheless, certain bands have functions that enhance the watch’s functionality.

One has batteries incorporated within the strap itself, giving the user a backup charge in case the device runs out of power while being used.

The “WristCam” strap, on the other hand, allows users to capture pictures with the Apple Watch of themselves or people around them. It has a camera and a shutter button.
Many people customise their Apple Watches because Cupertino designed them to be highly adaptable to their needs, with rumours that “one strap for all moods” will soon be available to everyone.

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