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TechnologyApple Watch helps teen who fell 45 metres call for help

Apple Watch helps teen who fell 45 metres call for help

The phrase “Apple Watch saves lives” has appeared innumerable times in the past. The most recent one involves a teenager who claims that the Apple Watch helped him call for assistance after he tumbled down a 45-meter valley.

The Apple Watch Saved a Teen that Fell Down a 45-Meter Valley by Helping Him Contact Friends and Families

Giz China reported that cellphones and smartwatches have evolved into essential pieces of technology. Health tracking and emergency features are available on smartwatches.
According to the India Today article, an Indian youngster fell down a 45-meter valley, and the Apple Watch saved his life. The boy called his family and friends using his Apple Watch Series 7.

The Teen’s Name is Smith Metha and Comes from Lonavala, India

In Lonavala, India, the Apple Watch actually saved a life. Smith Metha, a teen, slid into the valley but was unable to locate his iPhone.

The Apple Watch Series 7 was there to notify the teen’s relatives and friends, which is a wonderful thing. The teenager wrote Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, an email shortly after what transpired, which didn’t result in a catastrophe.

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The Teen Shared How He Slipped Into a Valley and Used the Apple Watch to Call for Help When He Fractured His Ankles

He also described how the teen’s life was saved thanks to the Apple Watch. He and three pals were apparently out hiking on a rainy day when the tragedy occurred as they were heading back, as he fell into a valley.

With the aid of a tree and a stone, he was able to save himself, but by then his ankles had already been broken. The only thing he had on him was his Apple Watch, and he was in a lot of agony.

The Teenager’s Friends Came to the Rescue and Apple CEO Tim Cook Praised Metha for Sharing His Story

Along with other bystanders, the friend of the teen came to the rescue. He may receive medical care and possibly undergo rehabilitation.

He was forced to use a walking stick afterward, but he will eventually be able to overcome the harm the incident caused him. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, offered his thoughts on the situation and even commended Metha for sharing his experience.

Apple Added an SOS Emergency System for the iPhone 14

According to the post by Giz China, the story demonstrates the value of emergency functions on mobile devices. It was mentioned that Apple has been putting a lot of effort into improving its emergency features, even spending money on them. Such a device is the iPhone 14, which, according to Apple, features an SOS emergency system that enables users to communicate via satellite.

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Even without cellular connectivity, users can send emergency SMS using this capability.

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