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Apple Stops Signing iOS 16.3 Following iOS 16.3.1 Launch, Downgrading No Longer Possible

For iPhones with the most recent iOS 16.3.1 version installed, downgrading to Apple iOS 16.3 has been prohibited.

A short time after iOS 16.3.1 was released on February 13 of last year, the iPhone manufacturer acknowledged that it had already stopped signing the iOS 16.3 update.

Apple Blocks iOS 16.3 Downgrades for iPhone

According to a claim by Mac Rumors, whenever an iPhone user receives a new update, Apple prevents consumers from downgrading to an earlier version.
This action could seem a little constricting to certain people. To encourage users to download the most recent update, which typically includes vital security and bug fixes in addition to other improvements, the well-known tech company stopped signing outdated iOS versions.

As a result, when iPhone owners continue to use an outdated update, their devices are typically left open to a few security flaws that are currently being actively abused in the wild.

Given that, Apple has started to prevent iOS 16.3 downgrades some days after the most recent iOS 16.1 version was made available. It ought to motivate consumers to stick with the most recent upgrade.

Apple iOS 16.3 Update

The iOS 16.3 update brings several new features and significant bug fixes, according to Tom’s Guide, which enhance the overall user experience.

An irksome bug that caused horizontal lines on iPhone 14 Pro Max models was fixed in the update. Moreover, it resolved problems with Siri, the iPhone lock screen, and CarPlay.

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A new mode for the Emergency SOS via satellite call capability and security authentication for Apple ID users were also added in version 16.3, in terms of new features. The HomePod Handoff function, which enables customers to manage their HomePod speakers using their iPhones, was also improved by the update.

Are iPhone Users Stuck with iOS 16.3.1?

Having said that, iOS 16.3 introduced a few minor upgrades and several cool new features. However, iOS 16.3.1 takes severe security flaws and bugs more seriously.
On September 25, 2015, a consumer uses her brand-new smartphone in an Apple store in Shanghai as the iPhone 6s is unveiled. On September 25, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, both of which feature 3D touch screens.
You are no longer able to revert to the older iOS 16.3.1 after installing it.
Apple has acknowledged that the most recent iOS update resolves a security flaw that is being actively exploited. According to the tech behemoth, “we are aware of a report that suggests that this flaw may have been intentionally exploited.”

It implies that the CVE2-2023-23529 security flaw, which the most recent update fixes, may have already been exploited by hackers. Users of iPhones are advised to upgrade their gadgets in light of this.

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