TechnologyApple Releases New MagSafe Duo Firmware

Apple Releases New MagSafe Duo Firmware

The first firmware update for the Apple MagSafe Duo charger since the iPhone accessory debuted in 2020 has been released.

It took some time before the well-known tech company released a fresh update for its wireless charging accessory. But this time, owners of iPhones and Apple Watches might begin to obtain it.

Apple MagSafe Duo’s First Firmware Update Rolls Out

According to Apple Insider, the Cupertino-based company regularly releases software upgrades for a variety of its hardware products, including the AirTag and AirPods.
However, it made its fans wait a few months for the release of its MagSafe Duo charger.

On the other hand, the manufacturer of the iPhone recently announced a firmware upgrade for its MagSafe charger that doesn’t support Duo in October. Therefore, the tech company occasionally updates its charging accessories.

Mac Rumors claims that the MagSafe Duo’s new firmware upgrade has version 10M3063.

However, keep in mind that the Settings app displays a different code. The most recent release, 256.1067.0, should be a big improvement over

What’s New in the Firmware Update

Since Apple has not yet released patch notes for its most recent firmware version, it is unknown what the new MagSafe Duo update delivers.

However, Apple Insider points out in its report that firmware updates typically provide security fixes and other speed enhancements.
On September 7, 2022, the new Apple Watch Ultra will be on display at a launch event for new items at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. During the event, Apple announced a number of new devices, including the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, three new Apple watches, and new AirPod Pros.
Additionally, the most recent update may extend its support to more recent Apple products, including the all-new iPhone 14 series and the Apple Watch Series 8, which includes the Ultra model.

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The tech behemoth’s intentions regarding the distribution of its patch notes are unknown. After releasing an update, the iPhone manufacturer will occasionally decide to postpone its release.

How to Install Updates on MagSafe Duo

Users of the MagSafe Duo, like those of the majority of Apple peripherals, had to rely on automated updates to get the most recent software.

It is important to note that whenever consumers use their chargers while they are powered on, firmware upgrades instantly take effect.

As a result, they were unable to manually force install a new version the way iPhones and Macs do. Instead, they could look at the firmware version.

Connect your iPhone to your MagSafe Duo charger to do this. Go directly to the Settings app from there and choose “General.” Next, select “About.” To check the firmware version of the Apple MagSafe Charger, scroll down to “Carrier Lock” and choose the device.

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