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TechnologyApple Music beta on the web adds live lyrics feature, here’s how...

Apple Music beta on the web adds live lyrics feature, here’s how to use

Although Apple Music Web is still in development, a brand-new feature that was previously only available through the company’s specialised mobile application is now open to everyone. The Live Lyrics function allows users to participate in the enjoyable experience and satisfy their musical listening needs by synchronising the text transcription of the song with its beats and sounds.

The web app is still in the company’s beta testing program, with no details on its formal public release allowing everyone to enjoy Apple Music on any device.

Apple Music Web Beta: Live Lyrics Feature

Currently in beta, Apple has implemented a function that provides live lyrics from songs to play along with the music from the player on its dedicated music web platform.
Users can access the Live Lyrics, a well-known feature in its dedicated apps, by toggling the chat-like button with the quotation marks.

Everyone has access to the Apple Music Web beta platform, where they can either sign in with their current subscription to the company’s services or try it out for free. The Apple One subscription service, which combines various Apple products to deliver on-demand content directly to users’ accounts, also offers it.

Apple Music Web Remains in Beta

the Apple Music Web platform is currently in development, and its web app is still outlining all of the many needs that the public will eventually have for its integration. Despite this, it appears that Live Lyrics will continue to be available on the platform and continue to provide song lyrics so that users can participate.

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Apple Music and its Offers

With a focus on a specialised app as a music player and a place to manage one’s library, Apple Music is the predecessor to iTunes Music and has been well-known since the early days of the iPod. Before, in order to stream music and sync their libraries from Mac to devices, customers had to either download files from web sources, buy music from Apple, or burn CDs.

It now focuses on a streaming platform with a subscription-based model that Apple transformed into a service, making its vast catalogue available to everyone.

It is currently a significant rival to Spotify, the well-known Swedish music and podcast streaming service that is renowned for its catalogue and user-friendly interface.

A significant number of Apple products are integrated into Apple Music, including the company’s well-known Bluetooth audio outputs like the HomePod, AirPods, and others.

Although Apple Music is accessible via a web browser, it is still under beta testing and cannot yet be used by the general public to its full potential. As long as users have an Apple subscription, it offers a portable version of the player without the need to download an app and also integrates it into any browser, including ones that are compatible with Windows and Linux.

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