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TechnologyApple launches web search engine to compete with Google

Apple launches web search engine to compete with Google

Given that the Cupertino company uses Google’s technology in its iOS and other platforms, the two companies have long collaborated on search engine services.According to those acquainted with the project, recent reports indicate that Apple is close to developing one but “four years away” from releasing it to the public.

Cupertino’s 2018 acquisition of Laserlike, whose executives departed the company to rejoin Google, was the cause of the enormous delay in the launch of its search engine.

Apple Making a Search Engine for its Systems

According to a report from The Information, Cupertino is developing a search engine agreement for its systems for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other devices as part of its partnership with Google. According to reports, Apple is developing a default search engine that it will make available to customers and that will no longer rely on Google for search purposes.

It was accomplished through Apple’s 2018 acquisition of Laserlike, an AI news startup that employed a number of former Google workers.

According to insiders with knowledge of the situation, it would take Apple roughly four years because the executives, including co-founder of Laserlike Srinivasan Venkatachary and other co-founders, have gone back to Google.

Apple and Google’s Partnership for Search

Apple is still “at least four years away” from launching a search engine to compete with Google, although there are no firm plans to do so. Even yet, Apple and Google’s collaboration for search continues to exist, with Google’s service currently being used as the default engine for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Siri, and other Apple services.

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Apple and Google’s Search Agreement

According to numerous claims, Google and Apple have a search agreement that involves Mountain View’s internet giant paying Cupertino as much as $20 billion a year to remain its preferred engine. The pricing for the different years that they agree on, however, varies since, back in 2020, sources suggest that the transaction only totaled $8 to $12 billion.

According to estimates, Apple will receive up to $15 billion from Google in 2021 to set Google as the default search engine for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

These investigations are part of the antitrust case that several agencies are bringing against Apple and Google’s collaboration, particularly because it focuses on a monopolistic approach in these partnerships.

Additionally, it does not provide customers much of a choice when Apple directs them to utilise Google’s services, which is especially problematic considering that users are not given much of a choice in the matter.

However, the rumour that Apple is developing a search engine to compete with Google and is finally weaning itself from its reliance on the internet behemoth is not new; it has long been rumored. Although Apple’s project has been in development for four years, it will be some time before it can compete with Google in the field of mobile search engines.

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