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TechnologyApple iPhone users can no longer downgrade to older iOS version even...

Apple iPhone users can no longer downgrade to older iOS version even if they want to

Due to Apple’s decision to no longer sign the prior software update, owners of the iPhone and iPad can no longer downgrade to iOS 16.2.

Following the release of the iOS 16.3 update, which adds new features and more, the iPhone manufacturer took this decision.

Apple Blocks iOS 16.2 Downgrades for iPhone Users

The older iOS 16.2 version can no longer be installed on an iPhone or iPad that has been updated to iOS 16.3.
Apple has already stopped signing the iOS 16.2 update, according to 9to5 Mac. As a result, this version could no longer be installed on devices running the most recent version.

It’s important to remember that a month has passed since Apple released iOS 16.2 to iPhone customers, including new features like Apple Music Sing and the brand-new Freeform app. not to mention that it gave iCloud users access to encryption features.

However, on January 23, the Cupertino-based tech titan released iOS 16.3. Additionally, Apple prevented downgrades to version 16.2 soon after it was made available for iPhones and iPads.

Why Did Apple Stop Signing iOS 16.2?

It is nothing particularly new for Apple to prevent iOS downgrades. In fact, according to Mac Rumors, Apple continuously encourages iPhone and iPad customers to keep their gadgets up-to-date by doing this.

After all, in addition to new features, the most recent release frequently includes bug and security updates.


Are iPhone Users Stuck with iOS 16.3?

Although iOS 16.2 can no longer be downgraded on iPhones and iPads, iOS 16.3 is not necessarily the only option available to users.
You can still use the previous version if you are having trouble with the most recent update’s bothersome issues or if you simply prefer it due to its features—or lack thereof.

iOS 15.7.3 is still signed by Apple. However, doing so will necessitate downgrading on either a PC or Mac.

You can also decide to hold off until the upcoming iOS version, which should start rolling out soon.

iOS 16.3 Release: Here are the new iPhone Features

Is Apple iOS 16.3—the most recent version—really worth sticking with?

The most recent version adds new features in addition to destroying bugs and security flaws.

Instead of only employing two-factor authentication, the latest edition of Apple ID incorporates security keys, according to CNET.

Additionally, by utilising “Call with Hold and Release,” iPhone users can now activate Emergency SOS via satellite by holding down the side button and the volume button while waiting for a countdown to begin.

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