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TechnologyApple explains how M2 Pro Macs are ready for 8K displays

Apple explains how M2 Pro Macs are ready for 8K displays

When the MacBook Pro M2 Pro and M2 Max came out in 2023, Apple said that their screens would automatically show 4K video resolution thanks to Liquid Retina XDR and ProMotion up to 120 Hz. However, the business asserted in its latest guidance that it may deliver an 8K-quality display to customers of the new Mac laptop.

Apple MacBook Pro 2023: How to Tap in the 8K Power

Apple claims that three of its products—the MacBook Pro, M2 Pro, and M2 Max, as well as the Mac mini, due out in 2023 with the M2 Pro chip—are capable of debuting 8K resolution. These products are the only ones in their inventory to have an “8K display, as well as 4K with refresh rates of up to 240Hz and VRR (variable refresh rates) on a compatible external display.”
The Cupertino company claimed that in order to take advantage of 8K display quality, a Mac must be connected to an external device.
Additionally, an Ultra High-Speed HDMI connector with a 48 GB/s bandwidth is recommended. According to Apple, avoiding the need for an adapter and connecting it straight to the computer is best.

Before using the aforementioned 8K resolution, certain external monitors require a setting in their menus, and some televisions may have it available in “game mode,” or VRR.

8K Display on a Mac to Enjoy Better Quality

Mac: While there are several gaming monitors with 8K displays available, not all of them have HDMI ports for connecting a Mac to the display. But there are already a number of 8K TVs on the market that could be used as the new display for Macs, letting users enjoy watching or playing more.

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Apple Displays and 8K

One of the first predictions about 8K screens came from LG, which predicted in 2015 that Apple would release a product with an 8K display that focuses on giving people the greatest possible experience. This product is known as the “iMac 8K,” and although it hasn’t been released or publicly discussed by the firm, it is something that would eventually reach that quality.

Also, people used to think that Apple would replace the three screens on its iMacs with three LG products, but that didn’t happen. It is well known that Apple provided the Retina display for the iMac M1 rather than the rumoured Pro Display XDR, which would have altered the user experience on the renowned Cupertino PC.

Despite not using AMOLED or OLED for its displays, Apple still sees a lot of customers who are happy with what it offers, particularly with the colours and brightness accessible. In this new update, the company explains how to use the newest MacBook Pro to get the new 8K experience. It also has the ability to debut a native 4K display.

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