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TechnologyApple delays iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max deliveries due to Zhengzhou...

Apple delays iPhone 14 Pro & Pro Max deliveries due to Zhengzhou lockdowns.

Orders for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in China were subject to an extension by Apple that concluded weeks after Christmas. Orders were delayed as a result of various lockdowns that were put in place in Zhengzhou, China, which prevented Foxconn Technology Group, Apple’s main supplier, from starting up manufacturing for these models.

iPhone 14 Pro & iPhone Pro Max Orders

Apple The wait period for orders of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max in China has been increased. When people place an order for these variations, the website displays a five- to six-week waiting period with the latest delivery date of January 3, 2023. This waiting period is one week longer than what it took in November and two weeks longer than what it took for the orders in October.
Even though these lockdowns apply to all Apple products, customers who order the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus base models online can choose between same-day delivery or in-store pickup. This was expected because the 14 Pro models, which are thought to be Apple’s most well-liked models this year, had the longest lead across all areas.
According to a South China Morning Post article, manufacturing issues resulting from COVID-19 lockdowns conducted in Zhengzhou, China, are the primary cause of the delays. Currently, Foxconn Technology Group, Apple’s main supplier, is based here. Additionally, several of its employees have left the organisation as a result of the outbreak, whose cases are growing rapidly.

Apple alerted the public to the delivery delays for the iPhone 14 due to these factors. The business said that “currently, the Zhengzhou factory for Foxconn is running at a drastically decreased capacity.” “We now anticipate fewer shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max than we did previously.”

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Currently, Foxconn in Zhengzhou needs to hire up to an additional 100,000 workers in order to operate at full production capacity. 300,000 assembly line workers were engaged at the Chinese site during the height of business.

Government Help

Chinese officials are attempting to assist the plant in expanding its workforce. The New York Times said that the government wanted assistance from its extensive network of party members, government employees, and former service personnel to aid Foxconn in recruiting.

Recently imposed restrictions that result in facility lockdowns, quarantines, and nearly daily tests to discover cases have made it difficult for both foreign and domestic firms to operate in the nation. These restrictions have caused manufacturers to look for other nations as they prepare to move their production to Vietnam and India.

Adam Segal, a Chinese military and technology expert, called the government’s decision to support Foxconn “a big irony.” He continued, “It’s obviously indicative of the dismal situation of the economy and the concern that Apple and others may relocate.”

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