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TechnologyApple AR/VR headset likely to launch in 2023, may cost over Rs...

Apple AR/VR headset likely to launch in 2023, may cost over Rs 2L

The wearable technology industry is finally entering a new era, as rumours about Apple’s AR/VR headset indicate that the device is almost ready for release next year.According to the source, it would be made accessible as early as January 2023 and will focus on the company’s delayed mixed reality headset.

The Cupertino behemoth is finally stepping into a new era that will focus on a wearable device that will introduce new experiences to the general public and join the world of mixed reality.

Apple AR/VR Headset: What to Expect on the Wearable?

There have been numerous discussions on the high hopes for Apple’s much-anticipated AR/VR headset, also known as its mixed-reality device, to be released in January. According to Ars Technica, as the company’s first attempt at a mixed-reality headset, the gadget may officially be introduced as the “Reality One” or “Reality Pro” headset.

The Apple AR/VR headset will cost between $2,000 and $3,000, and it is designed for usage by programmers and other industry experts. It will rank among the most costly products on the market once it is released at these prices.

According to Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple insider and leaker who made the claim in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, the first indication that it will be ready shortly came from job advertisements.

Apple AR/VR Headset is Coming by January

Another well-known Apple insider, Ming-Chi Kuo, has predicted that the device will launch in January. However, there have been no official announcements regarding its release, with Gurman only stating that it will happen in 2019.

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According to Gurman’s claim, the realityOS operating system, which will be specific to the gadget, is now being finalised.

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

The OS for the mixed-reality headset, which will soon supply both the hardware and software of the gadget for use by everybody, is being finalised by Apple, according to a prior report. It focuses on information from Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, which generated rumours about the device for the following year, but it emphasises industry experts more.

According to a previous story, the Apple wearable device has already completed its production tests and is coming together for a potential release.

Since Apple wants to concentrate on a mixed-reality headset instead of just one, it will be unlike the gadget lineup made available to the general public by Meta Quest, particularly with what it brings to the table. The focus of Meta’s Quest’s famed virtual reality experience is solely on its displays and displays, which bring what visitors paid to see, including numerous games and experiences.

The focus of the job advertisements is on the new capabilities that everyone will benefit from as well as the potential opportunities for all developers who will have the option to create XR experiences using the device. Although the rumour of its January release has yet to be confirmed, reports indicate that it will most likely arrive hot in 2019.

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