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TechnologyApple and Epic Games Return to Court to Fight Over App Store...

Apple and Epic Games Return to Court to Fight Over App Store Rules

The dispute between Apple Inc. and Epic Games Inc., which is centred on the initial complaint contesting the App Store’s policies that launched “Fortnite” in 2020, has returned to a US court. Both attempt to reverse the initial court decision and make a case against the other, with Epic’s main weapon being Apple’s antitrust.

After the initial lawsuit, Epic Games’ third-party or alternative payment methods were allowed in the App Store, but the company was denied the opportunity to bring “Fortnite” back to mobile.

Apple vs. Epic Games: The Return to Overturn

The legal teams for Apple and Epic Games will square off in front of the United States Court of Appeals in San Francisco on November 14 to resume one of the most contentious issues in big tech.
In the case to reverse the initial judgement, which Epic Games lost but also accomplished something significant for all developers in the App Store, both parties made their returns.

Prior to its prohibition, “Fortnite” by Epic Games focused on a third-party payment option for Apple’s App Store, which the court previously determined should exist.

Apple is reportedly bringing up an appeal against this court ruling and wants to maintain the platform’s original configuration of payments, which all come through Cupertino’s channels.

Is ‘Fortnite’ Coming Back to the App Store?

Epic Games still had to deal with a ban for “Fortnite” via the Apple platform, and iOS customers are still unable to access the game, despite the company scoring a minor victory with the third-party payment option for the App Store last year. One of the most anticipated events in this situation is “Fortnite’s” return to the App Store, but it hasn’t happened yet because Apple has blocked it.

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Apple and Epic Games’ Feud

This dispute began as Epic Games persisted in its plan to disobey the App Store’s prohibition against “Fortnite’s” third-party payment methods. Epic Games eventually made a video criticising the Cupertino behemoth with “Nineteen-Eighty-Fortnite” after Epic Games claimed that Apple had banned “Fortnite” from its platform in 2020.

The main focus of the proceedings was hearing all sides of the story, with attorneys from each company competing with one another in court to make the best case.

With Epic Games receiving its eagerly awaited third-party payment option made available to all developers, applications, and games via the App Store, the outcome was not what either side had anticipated. The only issue is that “Fortnite” is still prohibited from returning to the platform, and the CEO of Epic even went so far as to refer to Apple as a “monopoly.”

Both parties have returned to the Court of Appeals to argue their cases against one another since they are still not happy with the previous decision. This new round of the Apple vs. Epic Games dispute will feature diverse points of view on the subject. Apple does not want to remove the App Store’s requirement that all payments go through them and that they receive a commission for each in-app purchase; meanwhile, Epic wants to focus on its third-party option.

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