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AndroidAnnouncement of Android 12 Go Edition: Here Are the Brand-New Features

Announcement of Android 12 Go Edition: Here Are the Brand-New Features

Today, we are going to discuss the Announcement of Android 12 Go Edition: Here Are the latest Brand new Features.

Google has released information on Android 12 (Go edition). According to the corporation, entry-level smartphones will start using the light operating system (OS) in 2022. Two months have passed since Google unveiled Android 12 for its Pixel smartphone lineup. Google reports that more than 200 million people are currently using the lightweight Android (Go edition) OS on their phones, more than four years after it was first introduced. As part of the upcoming version of Android, the firm promises quicker app launches, better privacy, longer battery life, new translation features, and app and device sharing.

With reduced app launch times of up to 30%, Google claims that entry-level smartphones will be able to start apps more quickly with Android 12 Go. Android 12 will also support the SplashScreen API, which displays an interstitial screen with the app’s icon when an app is launched (Go edition). Before it is shown to the user, an app’s interface might load via the API in the background.

latest low-cost smartphones using Android Go will have longer battery lives and more storage because the operating system will hibernate idle apps. According to Google, the Files Go software, which comes preinstalled on all Android Go smartphones, will allow users to restore deleted files for up to 30 days. Users will be able to share programmes fast and save data with Nearby Share and Google Play.

Important privacy improvements were included in Android 12, including the ability to monitor when apps are accessing your device and personal data. To allow you to see a timeline of when and which apps are accessing your location, camera, microphone, and other sensitive data protected by permission, Google has added the same Privacy Dashboard to Android 12 (Go edition). Users of Android 12 (Go edition) will also be made aware of which apps are actively accessing their smartphone’s camera and microphone thanks to the new privacy indications that were introduced this year.


  • Google unveiled Android 12 Go, which gives the low-powered OS speed bumps and privacy features.
  • Android 12 Go includes new files in addition to the standard features of Android 12. Go, enhancements to Nearby Share, and more.
  • In 2022, the first Android v12 Go-powered smartphones will be released.
  • Even while Google’s Android (Go version) operating system doesn’t garner as much attention as it once did, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still in use. The company recently said that there are 200 million active Android Go users and that a brand-new OS version will debut in 2022.
  • Similar to Android 12 regular, the primary concerns for Android 12 Go are privacy, security, and speed. Apps can start up to 30% faster and with smoother animations on Android 12 Go than on previous versions. The SplashScreenAPI, which is now accessible to programmers for the low-powered OS, will also be helpful in this.
  • In Android 12 Go, managing your apps and data will also be simpler. You can retrieve deleted files from the upgraded Files Go app up to 30 days after they were removed. Using Nearby Send, you can even easily share apps with other devices when they are offline. Additionally, Android 12 Go will hibernate your unneeded apps if you have a few that haven’t been used for a while in order to conserve battery life and other valuable phone resources.
  • Unused applications for Android ’12 Go
  • Another new feature allows you to translate any text on your screen or listen to the news by going to the overview (recent applications) menu on your phone. Along with the Screenshot button, you’ll notice two new buttons listed beneath the programme overview page: Translate and Listen. For example, if you use Chrome to navigate to a Wikipedia article, open the overview page, touch the Listen button, and let Android 12 Go handle the work.
  • Finally, directly from your lock screen, Android 12 Go will let you swiftly switch to a guest profile. You can restart guest mode to its default settings when your friend or family member has finished using your phone in order to start over from scratch.
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  • Google is also bringing standard features from Android 12 to the Go edition. You may view which apps have access to your location, microphone, and camera permissions as well as when they did so by using the Privacy Dashboard app in the settings menu. Additionally, new privacy-related camera and microphone usage indicators will be visible in the status bar of your phone, alerting you whenever an app is actively using these sensors.
  • Finally, Android 12 Go will allow you to provide apps with approximate location rights rather than having to disclose your precise position.
  • According to Google, the first Android 12 Go edition-compatible devices will be made available in 2022. Although no further release date was specified, we anticipate Android 12 Go devices to start appearing as soon as possible.
  • faster app launches
  • Your Android 12 (Go edition) device’s apps will open up to 30% faster and with smoother animation, so there will be no more waiting on a white screen. In order for all developers to reliably deliver a fluid user experience when consumers activate their apps, we also developed the SplashScreen API.
  • The animation shows the launching of an app on an Android 11 (Go edition) device and the opening of the phone app on an Android 12 (Go edition) device side by side. The quicker phone is the one running Android 12 on the right.
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Check out how quickly apps load on Android 12 (Go edition).

  • increased battery life.

For devices with low storage, Android 12 (Go edition) will automatically conserve battery life and storage by hibernating apps that haven’t been used for extended periods of time. You can remove useless files to free up space in the interim with confidence because the revised Files Go software will enable you to retrieve files within 30 days.

Two cell phones are placed side by side. The one on the left displays a settings message stating that three inactive apps have been put to sleep. The settings page and a list of the music and news apps are displayed on the right-hand screen.

You will receive a notification when unneeded apps are hibernated with Android 12 (Go edition).

  • enhanced intelligence

Additionally, Android 12 (Go edition) makes it simpler to grasp your material. You can listen to the news and have any on-screen content translated into your preferred language by going to the recent apps screen.

Two cell phones are placed side by side. A still image of a Wikipedia page from Chrome is displayed on the phone to the left, along with buttons for “Translate,” “Listen,” and “Screenshot.” An animation of the page’s content being translated from English to Hindi may be seen on the phone to the right.

From the recent apps screen, you can easily access “Translate” and “Listen.”

  • Easy sharing of apps

The smartphone experience is fundamentally centred around apps, yet downloading them might occasionally result in additional data fees. You can use Google Play and Nearby Share to share apps directly with nearby devices on Android 12 (Go edition) to save data.

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Animated GIF depicts a cursor tapping the Google app on a phone screen, displaying options to share the app or check its information. The Nearby Share screen appears from the bottom when the pointer is over “share app,” identifying “Nisha’s Phone” as a nearby device. The Google app is shared when the cursor is over Nisha’s phone.

To share an app with family and friends, just tap on it.

  • Streamlined device sharing

Don’t fear for your privacy. Share your device with your loved ones. By allowing profiles to be accessed immediately from the lock screen on Android 12 (Go edition), we are streamlining the guest user experience. Before sharing your device, you can quickly switch to a guest profile, and you can reset it after they’re done.

The GIF shows guest profiles appearing on a lock screen that is completely black.

  • Directly from your lock screen, enter Guest Mode.
  • More privacy safeguards

With Android 12 (Go edition), you will have more control over how much private information your apps may access as well as more transparency about which apps are accessing your data.

We’re introducing a new privacy dashboard to do this. You can remove permissions if necessary after seeing a snapshot of which apps are accessing specific sensitive data sources, such as the microphone. Your status bar’s new privacy indicator will also let you know when an app is directly using your microphone or camera.

Two cell phones are placed side by side. The privacy dashboard is displayed in the image on the left and lists the applications that have recently used the camera, location, and microphone. On the phone on the right, a gif of the camera app opening is displayed, along with the green camera icon that appears to indicate that the camera is active in the upper right corner of the screen.

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The privacy dashboard warns you when your microphone or camera is in use and displays which apps are accessing private data or functions.

Additionally, we’re allowing you to have more control over the data that you share with apps. You can restrict apps from seeing your specific position by giving them only approximate location capabilities. For instance, your weather app will still provide you with an accurate forecast even if you restrict it to your general location.

Enjoy these upcoming improvements and keep an eye out for new devices that will be released in 2022 running Android 12 (Go edition).

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