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Ainsley Earhardt Dating Sean Hannity! What is the Real Reason of Not Admitting it?

Ainsley Earhardt Dating Sean Hannity! What is the Real Reason of Not Admitting it?

Today, we are going to discuss Ainsley Earhardt Dating Sean Hannity! What is the Real Reason for Not Admitting it?

On his Fox News program, Hannity is renowned for posing challenging questions, but he declines to discuss his personal life.
Due to this, it took a long time for the public to learn about Hannity and Jill Rhodes’ divorce to be finalized.

The couple, who had been married for more than 20 years, announced their separation in 2020.
Sean and Jill are willing to go to any lengths to work together for the benefit of their kids. Over the course of more than four years, Sean and Jill came to agreements that were good for both of them.

According to a statement, they are quite close when it comes to raising their children (via Page Six). “Neither will say anything else, and they ask that their privacy be respected,” because they want to protect their children.

Neither Rhodes nor Hannity has broken their pledges. In truth, they still invite their kids, Sean Patrick and Merri Kelly, to join them on special occasions for family events (via The Sun).
If you saw Sean and Jill together, you wouldn’t know they had a divorce because they make great parents.

But Hannity has remained mute about his personal life. The two Fox News hosts have been linked, even though neither Hannity nor Ainsley Earhardt has acknowledged it.

It appeared like they were dating when they attended a party in 2020 together. A source said that Earhardt transmitted her program, “Fox & Friends,” during the pandemic from the basement of Hannity’s Long Island residence.

Sean Hannity Declines To Discuss His Personal Life

Even though Sean Hannity’s new relationship with Ainsley Earhardt was made public in 2020, you can’t rely on him to talk about it. Asked about Earhardt by a network representative, Hannity replied, “I do not discuss my personal life in public.”
A source with knowledge of the situation claims that Hannity has been let go. He maintains a low profile because of the controversies that come with his reputation.

They have been seeing each other, though, and it has been well reported.

According to a source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, Hannity and Earhardt have been dating “for years, not months.”

Earhardt has only publicly stated that she is not dating anyone right now in relation to her relationship with Hannity.

In an interview with a network spokeswoman, Earhardt stated, “Right now, I am focused on raising my child, and I am not seeing anyone.” Anyone at Fox News would tell you that whoever Sean chooses as his girlfriend will be exceptionally lucky.

Ainsley Earhardt Isn’t Shy About Her Feelings For Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity and Ainsley Earhardt have been seen in public together a few times, including when Hannity was on “Fox & Friends” to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fox News.
According to The Daily Beast, Earhardt promptly said, “Yes, he does,” when co-host Brian Kilmeade asked Hannity if he had a favorite co-host among the three anchors of the show.

Earhardt or his co-host Steve Doocy, Hannity said, was “for sure” his favorites.

Since the network’s launch in 1996, he has been a regular on the show, and he remembered some of his favorite moments over the duration of the show.

He said, “It’s going to be a long day.” ” It will never come to an end. I act as though I’m in the military the entire week.
In a 2021 October Newsweek interview, Hannity added that his personal life comes second to his career. I’m a hermit and a recluse throughout the workweek because all I do is work, to put it another way.

She Is Open To Having More Children

Earhardt has made no secret of her desire to grow her family. The mother of one said that she had even frozen her eggs in a People interview in 2020.

She said, “I would be open to it a thousand percent” when Hayden was born when she was in her 40s. “I’d like to meet someone with a lot of kids.”

Additionally, she added, “Since I enjoy having kids and being a mother, I’m not ruling anything out. We’ll see whether I decide to adopt a child.

She is currently concentrating on her child and her job, though. Earhardt, on the other hand, feels Fox News is mostly to blame for her success.
She said in an interview, “I still experience that pinch-me moment every time I go to work” (per People). “And I consider the changes in my life during the previous 13 years. Since I began working at Fox, I have advanced significantly.

That’s where it all happened, she continued. To be honest, my most memorable experiences were while I was working for Fox.

Sean Hannity Is On Good Terms With His Ex

Sean Hannity and Jill Rhodes are rumored to have stayed in touch after their divorce. He “is a nice guy to be around,” a source who spoke to Page Six said.

Sean and Jill continue to have a close relationship, and they frequently get together for family dinners and to watch their kids play tennis. The kin of Sean and Jill are still close.

Rhodes’ brother still works for Hannity on his Fox show even though they are no longer married, and the family still gets together to celebrate holidays. According to a source who spoke to The Daily Mail, it’s difficult to tell that Sean and Jill are no longer together.
As for Hannity’s replacement, Ainsley Earhardt, a fellow Fox personality, has taken over. Even though none of them have said it officially, most people in the network think that they are seeing each other.
As a result, Hannity made his divorce public for the first time.” To have it on Page Six is a signal that this will happen,” a source claimed.


Who is Sean Hannity’s current partner?

Rhodes, Jill

“Sean Hannity” and “Wife” (m. 1993–2019)

What is Ainsley Earhardt’s salary?

In 2022, Ainsley Earhardt will earn $6 million USD a year.

What is Ainsley Earhardt doing now?

Ainsley Earnhardt is still a television professional who works for Fox Information. She currently resides in New York, New York City, and the United States, with her family and leads a happy life.

What is the most-watched news channel?

Fox News

1 Basic Cable Ranker: Fox News Maintains Cable’s Most-Watched Position and Adds Viewers for the Day. In terms of average total viewers, Fox News Channel is once again the top basic cable news channel, both during the day and at prime time.

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