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64kx Com Reviews- Is 64kx legit or a scam activity?


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Today, we are going to discuss 64kx Com Know All The Information! Review Is 64kx legit or a scam activity?

64kx com: The well-known website 64kx com from the United States is the subject of this article. We are looking at the site’s IP address, inception date, traffic, estimated value, and price. The fact that this portal’s short name is 64kx makes it noteworthy as well. People in the US are also seeking the Seattle, Washington, US website 64kx com or 64kx.

The AS16509 As of May 1, 2022, and the portal’s server area are being supported by, Inc. in Seattle, Washington, US. This website is well known for disseminating dating-related articles. However, we noticed that many internet users around the world, including in the United States, are hunting for 64kx. People are also searching for


  • 64kx’s content summary: Complete Details
  • is the domain’s name.
  • The domain was created on April 28, 2022.
  • The End of on April 28, 2023
  • and are their nameservers.
  •, LLC is the registrar for 64kx.
  •, Inc. AS16509 is the name of the web host.
  • The IP address for is
  • Seattle, Washington, United States of America
  • The coordinates are 47.6339, -122.23476.
  • A Common Term:
  • The United States is a popular travel destination.
  • Classification of dating websites
  • 1 billion+ in the global Alexa ranking.


The 64kx enlistment period will begin on April 28, 2022, and it will end on April 28, 2023. This website’s server(s) are and, respectively. After reading the informative content on, you now know the name of the Registrar, which is, LLC.

Currently, we are analyzing this site’s traffic ( The position of this space globally, according to Alexa, is 1 billion+. However, this may alter immediately., which is the IP address of Seattle, Washington, US, is the IP for This portal’s server area is 47.6339, -122.23476, and the category is dating.


The 64kx Com for the 64kx is a popular expression or trending term, and a significant amount of traffic originated from this, well, catchphrase. On Google, Bing, and other web indexes, is one of the trending terms. This indicates that the portal selects a number of impressions for this site using dynamic catchphrases. United States citizens in large numbers are ready to learn about

What is the difference between 64KX.COM and 64KX?

  • You need a good web browser like Google Chrome to access on a PC or mobile device.
  • Simply launch your preferred software and type into the address box.
  • Press the enter key after that.
  • By engaging in this activity, you can easily access, your favorite website.
  • Simply click the menu button in the 64kx top part of the site to access it.

Review of Is 64kx a legitimate business or a fraud?

The best way to protect oneself against fraudsters is to become smarter. If you are aware of your rights as a user or client, you may exact retribution on the scammers. Stay tuned as we highlight the most prevalent categories of online scams. Knowing about all the online scams will enable you to choose on your own whether 64kx is a genuine platform or a con artist. Check the validity of here.

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Buying Scam:

Make sure you don’t give the fraudsters your money. Make sure any website you use for online purchasing is secure. Make sure the URL begins with https and look for the padlock icon in the URL bar of your browser. Read unbiased reviews and shop at a reliable store. Verify the website’s usage of a secure payment processor. Watch out for spoof or scam websites that cleverly copy reputable online retailers.

Investment Scam:

Users are targeted by con artists who offer them huge returns on short-term investments. The fraudsters ask their victims to send money to them.

  •  Make sure you are aware of your investment objectives.
  • Recognize the importance of information as a tool.
  • Create your own investment goals.
  • Take a long-term stance.
  • Analyze the market and keep an eye on it.
  • After meeting with honest and trustworthy real estate brokers, make a list of the pros and cons of investing.

Dating Scam:

Never send money to someone you have only spoken to over the phone or met online. When a stranger declines your request for a video chat, it’s a warning sign. Take things slowly in a relationship, ask questions, and do additional research. Perform a reverse image search on the profile photo of your new partner. Don’t give them your financial information. Review the profile of your new friend. Keep your social media “profile” discreet; scammers can use your information against you if you make it easy for them to find you. Someone will give you their time instead of fabricating an explanation if they actually like or are interested in you. Fraudsters frequently demand that you wire them money, gift cards, or reloaded cards.

Bitcoin/Crypto Currency Scam:

Ever wondered why scammers choose Bitcoin and other digital currencies? Due to the continuing hype surrounding cryptocurrencies, avoid dealing with anyone who asks you to pay with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies! Scammers actually advise using gift cards or cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Fraudsters constantly come up with new strategies to steal your money using crypto currency.

Ticket Fraud:

False tour operators and ticket brokers will either sell you a used ticket or a ticket that is typically free. Always buy tickets directly from the event, exhibit, or show seller to avoid ticket scams.

Anniversary/Gift Card Scam:

The con artists will offer free golden medallions and peace messages. They will want a donation in exchange for the free token they will offer you if you accept it. It’s crucial for you to understand that there are never any “really free” gift cards, and it’s perfectly acceptable to decline any such offers. Beware of scams involving gift cards and platform anniversaries. Scammers will send links to gift cards along with links to platform anniversaries.

Job Scam:

Finding job offers is fairly common, with some appearing to be better than others. Be careful while looking for work. To avoid such job offers, consider the following:

  • When it comes to employment specifics, they are evasive.
  • Before talking about the payment, they demanded cash.
  • The con appears when you search for their name or company name.
  • They won’t speak to you on the phone or appear in person.
  • They offer an unidentified reference.
  • They offer you service for a price that seems too good to be true.

Phishing or Email Scam:

Emails, phone calls, and text messages all have a connection to phishing. Phishing emails are made to look as though they have been sent by reputable companies or well-known individuals. The phishing email or letter asks for your money or personal information. It instructs you to open a website or download specific software. They pretend to be a reliable source of information or a real company. Avoid phishing scams by declining their request for personal information. Do not click on the warning links. Before you click, pause and take a closer look. Avoid responding urgently to emails or messages.

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Loan Fraud:

Unwanted communications or advertisements for loans may be received by customers, and when they do, fraudsters may inform them that their loan has been granted and demand payment of fees in various amounts. I’m not curious about your financial condition. Don’t pay anything upfront before your loan is approved. The worst lending app doesn’t care about users’ privacy and isn’t shy about sending messages to contacts. The worst-loan app has a service fee that the user must pay each month in addition to the interest fees. Scams involving student loans are also a type of loan scam. offers a loan with a short term and a high-interest rate; use caution.

Gamer Scam:

When installing games from third-party platforms, use caution because even if the game is free at the time of installation, you may be charged later. Con artists provide a free download link, but this “APK File” contains spyware, so as soon as the gaming app or platform user installs it, their financial transactions and personal information are exposed.

Lottery/Fake Price Scam:

The lottery scam consistently stays at the top of the list because it never disappears. Con artists are constantly looking for new targets. A lottery scam is when someone sends you an email or text message claiming that you have “won” a gift if you click a link to claim it. Make contact with the senders to confirm their identities. The best approach to spotting a lottery/fake price scam is to Google the details of the cost.

 Charity or donation fraud?

Donate prudently, since scams can also take the shape of charity. Therefore, before donating to any cause, research it to determine whether it is truly helping the cause or is just a phony charity. Look up the cause using the name, scam, reviews, or complaints. Put an end to gifting using any virtual currency. Verify the details of the contact method. Contact the charity personally to learn all there is to know about the donation/charity rather than paying online, by wire transfer, or with a gift card. Avoid anyone who tries to rush you to support because this is exactly what fraudsters do.

Trip/Travel Scam:

Vacation scams include unrealistic travel offers that inform people via email or text messages that they “have won” free of charge or cheap, but they do not mention the expenses. Scammers that advertise trips or trips do not provide detailed information. Scammers warn that they only take payments made using gift cards or cryptocurrency, as well as through other online sources. Never accept a trip, flight, or vacation offer without first reading the terms and conducting your own research.

Earn/Make Money Scams:

Scammers who claim to work for money urge you to act quickly. Finding simpler ways to make or earn money online can fool you, but looking for ways to generate money online is not against the law. You can’t get wealthy without consistency or work, but if someone promises to provide you with rapid cash without any consistency or effort, stay away from them because they’ll scam you.

Signs of a make-money scam:

  • Make money in just a few minutes.
  • I gain wealth rapidly.
  • requesting payment in advance.
  • It conceals the identities of the owners and
  • Withhold all contact information.
  • conceals my true identity.
  • Check the connection’s security.

Calling Scam/ Call From Unknown Number/Phone Scam:

An example of a scam activity that aims to steal money and personal information includes calling, phone scamming, or texting from an unknown number or a specific area code. If you answer the phone when someone calls, fraudsters will think you’re a good target. You will receive fewer robocalls if you respond less.

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Scams involving package delivery, tracking, and shipping

Receiving packages that you didn’t order doesn’t mean you’re lucky; most likely, it means that scammers are using your information to their advantage. Reminder: be cautious and shop locally.

Domain for Sale/ Parked Domain:

The majority of fraudulent platforms have short domain histories that are quickly shut down, and after that, they display results for domains that are for sale or that are parked. These results are dangerous because the domains can direct users to unwanted or suspicious landing pages, or they can completely go shady at some point.

Health Scam:

A health scam is a health product that makes false promises about its ability to treat, cure, or prevent ailments. Con artists sell fake treatments and health products that haven’t been tested, so talk to a doctor or other expert before you believe any health claims.

Credit Card Fraud

Scammers who use your credit card to open accounts in your name and report any suspicious or tardy activity to your credit bureaus will have a negative effect on your credit reports, which will lower your credit score.

A Scam by a government agency

Con artists pretend to be contacting people on behalf of governmental organisations. Be cautious and do your research before responding to calls, emails, or texts from banks or the government asking for your personal or sensitive information.

Fake Software/Warning Scam:

Con artists use fake warnings or notifications about software updates to trick users into downloading malware like spyware, Trojans, and other forms of spyware that can easily steal your personal information.


Before logging into any such platform, conduct some research about it or read expert evaluations because some platforms require users to log in before directing them to their actual landing page. The con artist’s objective is to obtain your login information in order to make money.


Some URLs or links lead to other platforms; therefore, you should investigate the platform’s legitimacy by searching for it in a search engine. When users attempt to investigate a platform that looks genuine, the con artist redirects them or links them to a suspicious or phishing platform.

Site Can’t Be Reached:

Some sketchy or fake websites have a message that says, “Site cannot be reached; search results for name + review to figure out credibility.”

Product Review:

Be particularly cautious when contemplating unfamiliar products because scam artists often advertise phoney or counterfeit goods. Examine professional opinions by conducting a Google search for the product and looking up the launch date. Verify whether the product has been reviewed before or after the launch date.

How to take revenge on a con artists?

  • Check before you decide.
  • Avoid clicking on odd-looking links and advertising.
  • In that case, avoid responding.
  • Always look up the platform’s whois information.
  • Examine the secure transaction mode.
  • Check for ownership and business information.
  • Check the contact details.
  • Verify the connection.
  • Verify expert opinions.


Is a Scam, a Legit Website, or Safe to Use?

We’re making an effort to learn more about that provides accurate information about whether is a scam, legitimate, or safe to use.

What day did start to be produced?

The domain was registered on April 28, 2022.

According to whois data, when will expire?

As of the day this post was updated, will expire on April 28, 2023. If the website recharges, this date will change.

What nameservers are used by and are/were used as nameservers.

Who is the domain’s registrar?, LLC has registered the name

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