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Technology10 Best Ways To Fix Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post Complete Guide...

10 Best Ways To Fix Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post Complete Guide In 2022

Today, we are going to discuss 10 Best Ways To Fix Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post Complete Guide In 2022

Instagram is a platform for sharing photos and videos. Almost everyone has Instagram on their phones today.

As a popular social media site, developers continually update it. It’s hardly an issue-free platform, though. Despite upgrades and patches from developers, you may still have trouble uploading photos and videos.
The app restricts photo uploads. Why won’t Instagram upload my photographs and videos? This may have several causes. The remedies are similar to many other Instagram issues.

Identifying the issue’s origin is crucial. Without knowing the cause, fixing the problem is difficult. If you can, you can continue posting on Instagram.

It causes anxiousness. This article provides a solution. When you know how to fix “Instagram blocking videos and photographs,” it’s easier in the future.

Why Isn’t Instagram Doesn’t Let Me Post Videos Or Photos?

The most common reason users can’t post photos to Instagram is a cache memory issue. If Instagram won’t let you submit photographs, try making modifications, emptying the app cache, or capturing a shot to upload again.

Other than cache memory, other variables may cause Instagram posting issues.

  • Instagram photo and video uploads may be hampered by slow internet.
  • Instagram may not recognise your image or video.
  • Your photo or video may violate Instagram’s rules or you may not have credited the creator.
  • Instagram may temporarily limit, block, or ban posts.
  • If Instagram can’t access your storage, you’ll make sure it can.
  • Your post has more than 30 hashtags.
  • Instagram’s file size restriction may be exceeded. Instagram
  • It could be the image’s biggest aspect ratio.
  • Here are Instagram’s video duration limits: 60-second video to publish, 15-minute video on IGTV via mobile apps, IGTV uploads on PCs must be 60 minutes, and Instagram stories 15 seconds.

Why Isn’t Instagram Allowing Me To Post Multiple Photos Or Videos?

Check the app’s background refresh settings. If Instagram’s background refresh is turned off, uploading might stop if you switch to a different app while it’s still uploading.

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Second, sometimes When you consistently upload several videos and photographs, Instagram may temporarily restrict your account to prevent spamming. The ban lasts a few minutes or an hour, but you can post photographs and videos eventually.

Also, make sure your photographs and videos’ formats match Instagram’s to avoid uploading issues.

Why can’t I post Instagram Stories?

Two options exist. When sharing on other accounts, make sure they’re public. Private Instagram accounts can’t share stories. To share tales using a public account, provide a tag.

Slow internet can make it difficult to write stories.Stuck stories don’t allow modification or removal; connect to a faster wireless network if you have restricted coverage. If there’s a second network, you can switch.

When the Instagram app abruptly prevents users from publishing, try these five methods.

Why can’t I post music to Instagram Stories?

If you can’t post music to Insta stories, you’re either not updated or your country doesn’t have the capability. VPNs can help in this situation.

Why can’t I edit Instagram posts?

The previous app version prevented users from editing posts. If you come across an issue, update your app to the latest version.

Check your Internet connection if your editing isn’t up to date.

Why can’t I comment on Instagram?

For several reasons, Instagram doesn’t allow comments.

  • unreliable internet.
  • It’s rare, but Insta has stopped operating.
  • You’ve mentioned over five people.
  • You’ve left several comments (this includes emojis).
  • too many comments and likes.
  • You’ve been blocked by the account’s owner.
  • You’re spamming important accounts.
  • You used Instagram “ban”

NOTE: “Instagram will automatically upload when feasible” means your smartphone has internet connectivity issues. Instagram can’t upload photos and videos. Verify your network connection before uploading the video or photo.

You now know the causes and may have found the one generating Instagram difficulties. Here are some ideas to try with the given hierarchy to fix the issue.

How To Fix It Steps To Fix Instagram Isn’t Allowing Me To Post

Device Restart

Restarting your phone is easiest. A simple reboot can cure Instagram’s publishing problem.

Press Android’s power button for a few seconds to reboot. Restart. The process varies per phone model.

iOS7 Hold the power and home buttons until the Apple logo appears. On iPhones 11 and 12, tap the volume or power button for 3 seconds until the screen goes dark.

File size reduction

You may have trouble uploading high-quality camera footage or photographs. Instagram doesn’t limit file sizes. Before uploading a high-quality photo or video, you must know its size and aspect ratio.

Sometimes UHD or 4K UHD files take longer to upload, but sometimes they don’t because they’re too massive or the uploading process stops.

Instagram won’t let me post? Reduce the file size before publishing. I included details about Adobe’s recommended sizes.

1. Size Of Instagram Posts

  • Landscape, square, and vertical posts are available.
  • A 1080px x 1080px with a 1:1 aspect ratio is suitable for square posts.
  • 1080px x 566px, a 1.91:1 aspect ratio, is suitable for landscape articles.
  • Vertical images should be 1080px x 1350px, 4:5.
  • 2. Instagram Video Post Size.

  • 1.91:1 to 4:5 are video aspect ratios.
  • The video aspect ratio should be 16:9.
  • The video shouldn’t be bigger than 4GB.
  • 60 seconds is the maximum video length.
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Set The Network Connection

Insecure networks are one of the main reasons Instagram won’t let you submit videos and photographs.

If so, reboot your network. You can put your gadget in flight mode or toggle your network. See if this solves it. If using a router, connect to it. You must connect your device to the router.

If you’re using Instagram on your computer while connected to the router, secure the connection. An incorrect PSK to recognise the network SSID is a typical router issue.

Follow these steps if you’re on the phone:

  • Check the phone’s Internet connection; activate it if necessary.
  • Tap Flight Mode If the connection is active, then disable it. The system will cleanse and re-connect.
  • If using WiFi, reconnect.
  • You can also disable and enable data.

After that, you can post to Instagram again.

Clear Instagram’s cache

When a user clears Instagram’s cache, the difficulties disappear. During jogging, Instagram may establish a cache on your phone.

The cache holds previous account information. Cache memory can prevent programmes from running. This may be why you can’t post to Instagram.

To remove Instagram’s cache, open the app management or app settings.

Android and iOS have different cache-erasing methods. They’re simple. Learn how to clear the device cache.

Android, Instagram Cache Removal?

  • Phone settings > app settings.
  • Find Instagram and tap it.
  • Choose “Storage” and “Clear Cache”

IOS, Instagram Cache Clearing

  • Click “General” under “Settings.”
  • General > iPhone storage.
  • Tap “Instagram” from the list.
  • To clear Instagram’s cache, tap “Offload App.” Facebook cache.
  • Tap “remove app” to get rid of all Instagram data before reinstalling the app with new data.

After clearing your app’s cache and rechecking Instagram, you should be able to upload videos or photographs. If you can’t, continue.

Instagram’s photo and video policy

Instagram has severe image uploading rules. Instagram has strong bots that identify inappropriate photos and videos.

Instagram won’t let you publish images or videos that breach its rules.

If you share a non-original piece, you must credit the author. Copyright issues may restrict you from sharing photographs.

Make sure your videos are copyright-compliant.

Change The Instagram Settings For Your Data

Instagram has settings to preserve data that prevent simultaneous posting. Instagram disables mass uploads to preserve data.

If you can’t upload to Instagram, your data saver may be off. You must examine the possibility, even though it has nothing to do with single file uploads.

Go to your account’s mobile data settings to disable Instagram’s data saver. Increase your data limit by following these procedures.

  • Click “settings” after logging into Instagram.
  • Settings > Accounts.
  • Find “Mobile data consumption.”
  • Disable the “Data saver” option.
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Make Use Of The Storage Space On Your Phone.

Full phone storage may cause this issue. Instagram saves photos and videos to your phone’s memory (based on the uploaded photo settings).

If the programme saves original media, uploaded videos, and posted photographs on your device, space must be emptied. If your device’s memory is full, the app may not save the image.

You can disable “save post-media” or clear mobile space. These options are in your app’s original post settings.

  • Here are Instagram’s app settings.
  • Click to login.
  • Tap the original post settings.
  • Check out all three options. Checking status has three possibilities.
  • Save your YouTube videos and images.

Removing content from the phone’s memory is another solution.

Instagram can save your photos and videos if you eliminate unneeded apps and files. After that, uploads won’t fail.

Uninstall Apps That Have Access To Your Instagram Account

Some smartphone apps can access Instagram. If you use Instagram and the app at the same time, even if the app is running in the background, you might not be able to post to Instagram.

Android users can reinstall apps by dragging them into the trash. Hold the iPhone’s button and select Delete App.

Try Updating And Reinstalling Instagram.

Updating Instagram can fix bugs and improve security. The app can be updated through the Play Store and the App Store.

I prefer reinstalling over updating. It erases all data from your phone, reducing difficulties like Instagram not letting me post.

There’s Some Issue With Your Account

Instagram won’t hesitate to ban a user’s account if they break the rules. If you can’t resolve the issue, you may have violated their rules and be banned from posting.

Reasons for possible ban

third-party software to boost followers, likes, etc.

Instagram influencers must work to build followers. Instagram success isn’t easy.

Many new Instagramers utilise third-party apps to obtain fake followers or likes. Make sure Instagram notices and blocks the individual for nefarious behaviour.

Too many fast likes or comments

Instagram bots can remark on relevant posts to boost exposure. They can like and comment automatically. Instagram can prevent users from using its services if they use them frequently. Instagram

Followers Of Mass Or Not Following:•

It’s common. They unfollow all of their Instagram followers once or twice after a few days.The Instagram rules consider this a hazardous way to obtain followers. The user’s account may be suspended or they may receive a notification saying “Instagram won’t let me post.”


These are the easiest Instagram posting fixes. You just have to test them out to see which one works best. Follow these instructions to upload photographs and videos to Instagram.

This article may help you solve your problem.

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